Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Did ya'll survive the 4th? I did, even though I felt like i'd been hit by a Mac truck this morning!
Over at Kim Klassen's (amazing) Cafe, she has a little assignment for us on Tuesday's. She picks a theme and you get to be creative as you want using at least one of her textures. Today's theme is all about the #3. This is my 1st entry and i'm going to try real hard to get the link right.
I used her amazing "CBM", screen @ 40% & "Silence", soft light @ 58%.
I taught myself how to make these origami cranes after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Japanese are resilient & my heart ached for their loss. These cranes help me remember that the suffering and recovery is still going on-& will for years to come.
For Japan


  1. kelly... i adore this! wonderful.... thanks for linking up with TT.....xxo, kim

  2. this is so sweet! love your photo, and the texture works so well with it!

  3. LOVE the photo, and your processing! Stunning.


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