Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~Dare to Dream~

Happy TT! Over At Kim Klassen's, todays theme is "Dream". She makes it so easy to want to add this texture because it embodies something we all do. I have so many dreams that I could fill a book!
It's hard to even narrow down my top 10-but here goes in no particular order...(cause I want them all!)
*Castle tour of Europe
*Seeing my kids happy, healthy & successful
*Become a fabulous photographer
*Frankie & I to live healthy lives to enjoy retirement.
*Play with my grandkids..someday!
*Own my dream camera-the 50D
*To read all the books on my booklist (which btw is growing!)
*Cruise Europe
*Meet face to face w/my wonderful web friends!
*Dance in the rain w/my baby
And a big Happy Birthday to MY dad! xo Kelly


  1. Love your photo and I love how you listed your top dreams....I think I will go back and do this. A fun exercise! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog. Cheers.

  2. This is just phenomenal! True photo art.

  3. everything about this is wonderful! Have you signed up for artseebloggers.com yet? It a directory of the creatively inclined - and we have a photography category. Hope to see you there.

  4. Thanks so much for linking in! Love your work

  5. this is wonderful~!
    powerful even~!


  6. This is really beautiful! I love that you listed your dreams- now go and make them come true! :)

  7. wonderful dreams - I hope they all comes true.

    have a lovely day.


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