Friday, July 22, 2011

~Accidentally On Purpose~

Over at the Shutter Sisters, the theme is "accidentally on purpose" out of focus shots. While this isn't really out of focus it is an accidentally on purpose shot! I "Accidentally" shot into the sun while I was "purposely" shooting underneath a daisy. Lovely sun flare huh? Yeah...but note to self...STOP SHOOTING INTO THE SUN!
Thank you Kim Klassen for the use of your CBM texture!


  1. I love this...very peaceful...seen on SS

  2. kelly... ADORE this...... what a delightful accident...
    very hope filled!

    thanks for sharing at SS.

  3. If this is an accident i personally would like more of these! :) (Saw it on shutter sisters)

  4. I always like making a shot shot directly into the sun work in some cool way! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Much appreciated!


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