Monday, July 25, 2011

~Earning the Heart of a Falcon~

I'm super excited about this one. Kim Klassen has done it-yet again!
You see, Austin (soon to be 16) has had a "dream" to go to the Air Force Academy for years now. He's working very hard towards that goal & applies in March 2012. We recently attended an assessment workshop hosted by the Academy & it seems Austin is on track. But something struck deep to my core as we were watching a video on academy life. The mascot is a falcon and basically the theme of the cadets is "Earning the Heart of a Falcon".  I came home with that thought etched on my brain & wanted something to help keep us focused on this goal. After trolling through the internet for ideas-it hit me-& I found a charm company that actually sold heart & falcon charms (among 100's of other charms) So now, Austin has a daily & solid reminder that I wear proudly around my neck of what he's working towards. And all I have to do is touch this & be reminded that Austin's dream is our dream...


  1. go Austin!!! yay.... how very inpired, my friend....

    cheering you all on!

  2. Dang Sistah! Ya made me cry!
    What a wonderful sentiment .... what a wonderful charm ..... what a wonderful mother you are ...... what a wonderful son!
    Mwah xoxoxoxo

  3. WOW! What an inspiring photo and great dream! Hooray for Austin, I'm sure he'll see his dream come true!

  4. Wow! Kelly, what an awesome mom you are! I truly hope that Austin is accepted.


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