Thursday, July 7, 2011

*Life's Good*

Life's Good
Oh sure, we moan and grumble about dishes, laundry & dusting-I know I do. But this morning I took a step back as I loaded the dishwasher then sorted the darks from the whites & thought...thank goodness I have dishes to wash because that means I've had a meal to fill my belly. How lucky we are to have clean clothes upon our backs-every day. As for the dust? That's a toughie, but as it settles on shelves and knick-knacks just means we have a home that's not a car or a box or the street. So today I happily do these chores without a moan or a grumble & know that Life IS Good!


  1. Kim Klassen's "life's good and cbm" textures were used here.

  2. LOL. I LOVE you Kelly! Funny, when I do my daily chores these are the same things that keep me sane while doing them. xoxo

  3. i miss you Amberwithacamera!!! I'm so happy you came for a visit!


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