Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sprinkler Day... one of my favorite days! We don't get rain during the summer so I depend on the sprinklers in the early morning hours for that fresh, looks like it just rained shot. We woke up with a marine layer yesterday, so that and a good soak made for a great photo op. The squirrels love the pomegranates off our tree, but only if they're green, so it looks like this one might make it for US to eat! I couldn't help myself on processing! I was having having way too much fun. Hope you are having a great weekend!
<------Thank you squirrels for not eating this one!
<-----How fresh is that?!

<-------I want this printed on a linen tea towel, which I just happen to collect!


  1. You have a pomegranate tree???? OMG!!!! I ♥ pomegranates.......
    Anyway, I really like this shot and the textures you used .... well done Kelly!

  2. oh my completely LOVELY. wonderful....

    thank you for sharing!! you are the BEST!!

  3. OMG...just gorgeous! I have missed your work! Hope you are well my dear!


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