Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am...

...Ironman. Ok, I'm really not. But that was the song that came on the radio yesterday as Austin & I came to a red light. You know the Black Sabbath and that awesome guitar intro? It throws me back to when I was growing up. But apparently as I was  rolling down the windows & cranking that sucker up, so the cars around me could hear what this "cool" mom was listening to had mortified Austin. Now unless I'm completely delusional, I think I'm pretty hip. Austin is lowering the volume, as he's looking around in a paranoid state, I'm cranking it up and then we become slappy dummies for the control-meanwhile I'm laughing because I think it's totally hilarious & all I kept saying was "I can't wait until YOU have kids!" I mean here I am-47 years old & a mom, not telling him to turn the music down, but crank it up....Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture?!  Now who's delusional?

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