Friday, September 2, 2011

~Waiting for Wings~

I've been trying for years to successfully grow milkweed to hopefully attract a Monarch or two. But I've had no luck.
 I watch their migration from Mexico every spring. So this year I took a different approach & have the plant in a pot to keep a better eye on it. I've carefully watered & moved the plant around so it gets just the right amount of sun. This was the year that seems I've finally succeeded! So I was more than excited today that the time it took me to go pick Austin up from school & home-the seed pods just burst open! What a sight to see-the feather light seeds-gently blowing in the breeze-
1st I grabbed my camera-than a baggie to collect the seeds before they all blew away!

I have really fallen in love with learning how to tend a garden & watch everything just come alive.

Velvet Deliciousness!
Hope you all have a very safe Holiday weekend~
Happy Snapping


  1. Kelly, I always knew you were the sensitive type, but this beats it all. You have such a unique and blessed way of perceiving the world around you. I know that whatever life throws you, you will find the beauty in it. Life is constantly recreating itself. I feel privileged to see a glimmer of it through your eyes.

  2. These are beautiful shots of such delicate blooms. I clicked on them to see up, you really captured such details. Well worth the wait. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  3. I'm not a big fan of gardening but I did recently plant a milkweed in hopes of attracting some monarchs. I think I see some eggs on the leaves so I'm excited. Your photos are fascinating. So close and sharp!

    Thanks for voting for my cherries!

  4. What wonderful shots Kelly! I need to plant me some milkweed next year and join in the fun!
    Mwah! xoxoxo


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