Monday, September 12, 2011


He's a mere 3" tall, full of curiosity, has  a big heart of gold but can be more than a little naughty! Oh and he's not camera all.

He's a legend in his own mind over in FLICKR-land & has quite the fan following...He'd like to give a shout out to two favorites....Trap & Ms. D!

Do NOT underestimate his cuteness...You've been warned!
Happy Snapping!


  1. LOL
    Oh My!!!!!
    So happy to see Danbo again.....I can't begin to tell you how I've missed this little guy.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what he gets himself into. LOL
    Mwah xoxoxo

  2. .......and I get a "shout out" !!!!! ♥

  3. OMG how cute. That made me laugh. I will show your post to my son, he will love it.


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