Saturday, September 24, 2011

USAS/Navy Seal Fitness Challenge

Happy Saturday! Austin and a few members of his swim team participated in Pasadena this morning in a fitness challenge hosted by USA Swimming & the Navy Seals.
It was amazing to see so many kid athletes in one place giving it all they could.

Austin after swimming his 500 in 6:17.12

Then on to the fitness station where you get 2 minutes to do as many push ups as you can-Austin did 70~
That's Dad (Frankie) in the corner motivating Austin to pump more out!

Next comes 2 minutes of curl ups...
Austin was able to do 68-this is towards the end of his time. MY stomach was burning just watching! (my kind of sit up!)

Then comes 2 minutes  or "until failure" of pull ups.
Austin did 6...number 7 was less than an inch away but he blew out all his air and just could not muster the giddy up to get up.
I can hang from the bar...that's it! I've never been able to do an inch of one pull up!

<------------Navy Seal!

Last but not least...the 1.5 run...Austin's time was 10:15.

And then what's a fitness challenge without some amazing Gold Medal, World Record holders for good measure...
Ariana Kukors

Kate Ziegler
4-time world champion and world record holder for the 1500 Freestyle.

It was a good day!
Happy Snapping

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  1. Woo-hoo Austin!!!!!! Way to go!!!!
    You must be beaming with pride!
    Great shots! xoxo


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