Saturday, September 17, 2011



Oh yeah! I am not shy when I say I LOVE me some red wine!
 I actually took this as part of Scavenger Hunt Sunday (liquid) but I had to give myself permission to say, "it's ok, if you didn't have time to fully participate." But this was photo was too fun NOT to post!

Which leads me to the 2nd photo I shot for the Hunt (behind) which I feel like I am! But for who's schedule? Mine, of course. I have that perfectionist you know the one? The one that creeps in & tries to dictate every aspect of oh..I don't know...most everything!
So, I'm gonna work on changing things up during my week so I can enjoy the challenge of the Scavenger Hunt & anything else I choose to shoot. taking photos is meant to be a fun thing...not a chore...Lord knows- I've got enough of THOSE!
Happy Snapping~


  1. We have a few things in common I see.... red wine and perfectionism. :-) Love both shots! The use of texture is so beautiful. Also love the detail of the hibiscus leaves from behind. Great perspective.

  2. I love wine and I guess I am somehow a perfectionist, but one thing I do with scavenger hunt is not reading what is for the next week. Just because I did it once and my whole week was destroyed thinking about what to shoot. So what I do, is I check the themes on Saturday afternoon and that what makes all the fun... clock is ticking, no time to wonder :) I also never check any entry until I post mine, just so I will not have any pressure.
    I really love your last image.

  3. just enjoy the process without much worry about perfection...or you will never get anywhere with anything in your life!
    perfection is a matter of point of view and it is on the eyes of the beholder after all! ;)
    love the above images too!

  4. These are just so gorgeous! Love the square format on both. Love liquid and behind is just amazingly beautiful, love the colours, texture and perspective. Such a shame you didn't share them, but I know what you mean, perfectionism is good as long as it keeps you motivated but when it starts hampering you it's time to bring it in check. Hope you're enjoying it more now! :-)


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