Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~It's Tuesday...

...that means texturize your photo!!
Woo Hoo any time I can use a texture is a good time! Today we're using Kim Klassen's "Crackerjack". And I love it when a photo & texture were meant to be together! I've been looking for medicine bottles for no other reason than I love history & antique-y things. I wound up at a garage sale a few weeks ago and...tada! There they were!
 I adore these & the fact that the one bottle has PERTUSSIN actually embossed on the bottle is amazing. It's circa 1930 & sells for around $14.00
I paid a buck! Too cool.
I've added the recipe for the pp in the comments box.


Meanwhile, If you live in So. Cal, this is our life-that 405-THIS is the Sepulveda Pass. It separates the valley from the city. Two separate fires occurred on the southbound lanes yesterday tied up traffic...at 4:30-on a holiday weekend. What a mess! Austin took this-(cause I was driving!)
Austin's has never held my 50d yet and commented how heavy it was-It IS a hunk...the camera not Austin...Oh but he's a hunk too...
I'll shut up now!
Happy Snapping!


  1. PP for photo...
    Florabella B/W Chestnut-passthru @ 86%
    Crackerjack texture-Linear burn@60%
    Florabella Milk tweaked the layers palette
    vinette@ 23%
    In Picnic added Orton-ish @ 90% fade

  2. Beautiful texture. One day I will try to learn how to use it, but for now I still need to work on focus.
    405 is always messy. I used to work in Encino, oh boy.

  3. Wow... you did an amazing job on these bottles. They look so good. I too adore Florabella actions. I'm always playing around with them.

  4. wonderful job.... truly... xxo, Kim

  5. Really nice work on these bottles! Great find too!

  6. I love also that kind of old bottles but I don't have any:) This is beautiful set up, light and fresh, love your use of textures.

  7. Love the texture ... went and grabbed it.
    I love old bottles! What a wonderful find!

  8. Your bottles are a wonderful find! And you've captured the beauty of their simple essence so well.

  9. Love your bottles. thanks for sharing the recipe.


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