Tuesday, February 25, 2014




kim's "life is good"  texture

Austin's girlfriend, Amanda, suggested I visit Orcutt Ranch if I was looking for a good spot to shoot. 
This place was a little gold mine that I didn't know existed until Saturday. I will be posting photos all week but I chose this one for today's theme over at:
Kim's Cafe
I sat and took in the beauty of this little oasis tucked away. Orange trees on one side of the ranch and grapefruits on the other. The trees were full of fruit and the blossoms were bursting. 
It was the perfect spot to just be

Flowers on our hillside are blooming like crazy
Kim's LISA texture worked perfect-
-be still my heart!

Happy (twofer tuesday) snapping!


  1. Beautiful photos form a beautiful place. Can you pick the fruit when it is ripe? I would be sorely tempted.

  2. That bench does look like the perfect place to sit and just be still for a while. Totally jealous of your flowers blooming! What a pretty purple color and the texture works out so well in that photo!

  3. Oh yes the perfect place to be still.

  4. Yes, yes, what a wonderful place to be still, and I love your textured daisy - so perfect!!

  5. Well, I can only dream about benches, and fruit, and flowers but you are making it easy with these beautiful photos!

  6. That looks like a wonderful place, Kelly !
    And such a pretty flower against a lovely background ... beautifully textured !
    Nice week,

  7. Very calming and lovely edits Kelly. Neat you found a new place to ramble about and take photos. :)

  8. Kelly, that daisy shot is.....well....be still my heart too! It's gorgeous. I love finding these little gems tucked away from everything. Looks like a lovely place to spend the afternoon.


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