Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5...


I re-realized as I'm readying the randomness, I'm a bit of an oddball! I don't
I minded as a young teenager-but now? Not so much! 
Take laundry for instance...
 I hate it when my boy's socks are turned inside out. I DO NOT like sticking my hand down in those socks to turn them wrong side in...but then...
...I go one step farther because I hate washing the sock inside out so therefore, have to stick my hand down in 'em.
(This little random tidbit should count as 2!)

I never liked avocados until recently. Now? I eat 1/2 of one every night with my salad. 

I am a teeny tiny bit superstitious. I spit when I see a black cat cross my path. I've just always done it, and if I stop doing it...well...I'd rather not find out so I'll keep spiting!
Speaking of cats-

I look at Ms Kitty here & the song "Somebody to Love" from Queen comes to mind. Most especially the line "Can anybody find me.....somebody to love?" Every morning when she comes to eat and I open the slider, she bolts in the kitchen, meows, has a look around, meows some more and then comes out to eat. It breaks my heart that I'm allergic/asthmatic. Especially now that the coyotes are back for mating season and they roam freely in the neighborhood. We just don't want anything bad to happen to her. She's really quiet sweet when she's not hissing at you. 

I was on Jury Duty this week. I skated by without having to go in. Although it would be fun to sit on a trial. Maybe next year...Oh..I know, I won't spit when I see a cat and see what happens...

(you can't hear her because she's whispering under a blanket!)

I'm playing over at Nancy's today.
Come on and play.

Happy (do you have something odd to share?) snapping!


  1. Yes, the inside of a sock is dangerous territory and I don't go there! My boys had to turn all their socks inside out and sort their laundry by color and then I would do the actual washing. I've never had to turn a sock for my hubby - he's the best!

  2. This is gorgeous, I am sucker for birds nests and this shade of blue!

  3. we have a conversation my parents house all the time about avocados. my Mom has been putting them in many dishes .. i love it!! my Dad on the other hand dislikes them BIG TIME. it is too hilarious!! keep the times really funny. ( :

  4. Oh dear, you'll be spitting all over our house - we have a very pretty black Molly-cat...
    Gorgeous photos!
    It's my first Random 5, so lovely to 'meet' you :)

  5. ha! the way the socks go into the laundry - is the way they come out!

  6. I hear you on the socks. Try reaching down into an iron worker's socks. Not pleasant. :)

  7. I never thought about socks that way, or any way, come to think of it. But I often think about cats and miss mine so much. That cat is lovely and I feel so bad for you that your allergies prevent you from taking her in full time.

  8. I loved all your random...and the sock thing...I refuse to put my hand in there (ever smelled them after football AND their wet). Nope, I stopped doing it and he started turning them back the right way! :) (most of the time) I'm so jealous, I love guacamole but it's a life and death sorta thing for me now - so allergic. Happy weekend Kelly!

  9. Oh I thought I was the only one that has this thing about socks we should start a club:) Miss Kitty sure is pretty. She is probably smarter than the coyotes I know around here the rabbits have been outsmarting the coyotes all winter here on the farm. B

  10. Oh my goodness, Kelly, I have a Miss Kitty too!!!
    Have had her for almost 5 years now. She started hanging around one winter, and even though I was never really a cat person, I fed her. The rest is history. She is just about as sweet as sweet can be,and although I cannot have her inside (I have rescue birds), she has her very own weatherproof shelter on one of our patios, with a heated bed and a heated water bowl. One day, I know she'll just disappear, but for now, she is my Miss Kitty.

  11. I love the nest, it brings thoughts of spring.

  12. Awww, Ms Kitty is just so cute! I'm glad you are feeding her. It's too bad that you're allergic. I love cats so I would be so sad if I couldn't pet and hold them! That shot of the nest is so beautiful and really makes me long for spring.

  13. I don't like sticking my hand inside socks either. Not sure why, but I don't! Glad you are able to love Ms Kitty even if she can't be inside :)

  14. LOL What a great post!
    I'm with you ... I dislike sticking my hands in socks. And I hate turning underwear right side out! LOL
    I don't know why ... it just bugs me!
    Miss Kitty is quite cute ... hate to say this though ... I am not a cat person.
    I hope you've tempted Spring to arrive early with that lovely shot!
    Mwah! **hugs** ♥

  15. These things just make you more dear as far as I am concerned. We all should be a little more odd :)

  16. Don't get me started with laundry woes, but I'm totally with you on the socks. Frankly I'm not into turning anything right side out for washing but somehow both males in the house seem to take this as a challenge. Just today as I was turning and unrolling socks I contemplated just washing them as they were - perhaps teach those boys a lesson - but I don't think they'd even notice.

    Pretty kitty - hopefully there is somewhere safe for it to stay.

  17. What a pretty kitty, I have one who looks like her but long haired. She was attacked a few months ago. now inside at night. I do laundry for a living and have learned that gloves are my friend! Aren't we all odd in some way? This is my first Random 5 Friday.

  18. it isn't so bad to be a bit superstitious, I am too sometimes. I also believe in luck & sometimes buy things that might make me lucky.

    hope you have a great day.

  19. Yes, dirty socks are bad... I tend to straighten them out when they're all scrunched up, but I don't turn them right side out again. Nope, not me. I DO love, love that bird's nest and the way you photographed it. It's got to be one of my all-time favorite photos of yours.

  20. The dirty socks comment made me laugh. I don't like my hubby's socks because he wears wool blend and I'm allergic to wool. He usually folds his own socks and undies, he folds them in a really "weird" way (the underwear not the socks).
    I love Avocadoes and eat them all the time. It's a hard word to spell though. I knew a guy with the last name of Acevado so that is how I want to spell it.
    Love Miss Kitty, she's very pretty. I do hope the coyotes won't get her. That would be horrible. - Spitting when you see a black cat, now that's a new one to me.
    Your bird's nest photo is so lovely.

  21. I don't even like to stick my hands in my socks, let alone anyone else's....made me smile!! And I love avocados too, A good guacamole with some chips...oh yum!! Hope Miss Kitty will stick real close to your home while those coyotes are on the prowl.


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