Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Hazy Shade of Winter" e-dition

 has a fun little meme once a week. I happen to know & LOVE the Bengle's version of this song.

I took these at a little ranch I discovered yesterday. More pics to come on that. 
But for today, a couple of photos of my interpretations...

It was the perfect way to spend the morning.

Happy( shades of spring) snapping!

Ms. Kitty did come around-it's sort of hit & miss with her lately. She really is cute and when she plays...she's adorable. Thank-you for all your good thoughts on her.
One night at a time.

i-phone photo


  1. Love the blurred springtime shot!
    We've had a taste of spring but winter comes back next week.

  2. That second picture - AaaaMazing! So, so glad Ms. Kitty showed back up.

  3. Agree....that spring photo is gorgeous! It looks like a pastel.

  4. Oh the spring tree picture is just lovely. I'm still waiting to see that here but it's coming.
    So happy Miss Kitty is okay, she has such sweet eyes.

  5. Your soft spring shot is so lovely! And Miss Kitty has such pretty eyes. What a cute pose she favored you with :)

  6. Ms. Kitty is such a pretty girl. I'm glad she's safe.

  7. So glad Miss Kitty reappeared! :)

  8. Can I come and play in all your GREEN you have out there! That shot is fabulous. Very dreamy and ethereal. I want to lay down on the ground and just gaze up thru the green filled branches. Sigh. Thanks for coloring my world a bit :).

  9. Both pictures are lovely, it must have been beautiful day. Good luck with kitty

  10. I love that 2nd shot! So dreamy and spring like. Just beautiful. I hope miss kitty continues to come around. She is such a beauty.

  11. Lovely photos. I hope Ms. Kitty continues to do well.


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