Thursday, February 13, 2014

Random 5...

...Valentine's Friday
that means... 

...I'm playing over at Nancy's today~come on over and play!

Happy Valentine's Day my friends. 

This week flew by even though I have one of those nasty head colds w/that sinus pressure that makes your head feel like it's in a vice & everyone sounds as if they are underwater! I've been living on Alka Seltzer cold medicine and I'm ready to trade in that Alka Seltzer for a big ole hunk of chocolate!

Frankie and I don't celebrate V-day. We are thoughtful, attentive, and do things for each other every day that we don't need a day to "make up" for anything.  We often feel like we have to validate to those who don't understand this concept. Frankie get's the brunt of it and I feel bad for him. 
Do you celebrateValentine's Day? If so how? I'd love to hear.

We've really been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics. I had absolutely no plans to sit and watch it-but I was hooked the first night.

Look at this little man!
 Erik is a month old on Sat. already! I can't wait to go and breath in that fountain of youth again!
(P.S. Jamie took this photo.)

It's a 3 day weekend (happy dance) and the weather has been unseasonably warm. So...with this head cold wrapping up, I want to get some of my unfinished projects done. I love it that it's not dark at 4:30 and there's that little bit of extra daylight to get a few more things done. 
It's only going to get better from here on out.

If you missed my Truffle post and you're reading this early enough, you still might have enough time to make this crazy good candy for dessert tonight...Just sayin'!

Hope your day of love is perfect.
Happy (love is the word) snapping


  1. We r the same as you and Frankie...never understood the need for Valentines Day. Everyday should be one of consideration and love for those we cherish. And seriously??!!?? Erik s a month already??!!??

  2. cute photos, I like the paper robot. no valentines celebration for me but I do like to eat candy just because.

    have a great day.

  3. As far as valentine's day, whether one celebrates or not is fine... whatever works.
    I would be anxious to hold that little bundle myself. :)

  4. We too do special and thoughtful things for each other all year long (no card or flowers necessary today). It's a fun to celebrate Red though.

  5. Oh the photo of Erik makes my heart swell he is absolutely gorgeous.
    We never celebrate Valentines here either we celebrate everyday we have been together 45 years and he still makes my heart skip a beat, no Valentine gift could top that. Well I must say I do drop the chocolate hint though but that can be any day:) Beautiful photos. B

  6. adorable images - - well done. Erik is gorgeous. happy friday!

  7. Awww! I was hoping to see Erik around here again soon. What a lovely photo! And we are totally like you guys when it comes to Valentine's Day. Most people don't understand it, but we show our love to each other every single day so every day is Valentine's to us! I am totally hooked on the Olympic games as well. I just sit and watch it for hours!

  8. i definitely will be that little guys forever one. what a cutie. little box man. ha. ha!!

    what a cute little baby, Erik, so precious. happy <3 day!! ( :

  9. Oh what a sweet, sweet little man. I know you just want to squeeze him and never let go. Valentine's Day was never a biggy for us, like you stated, it was the everyday "love" that counts.

  10. Oh my I love that last shot - we don't do anything "big" for Valentines day. No diamonds, flowers (well sometimes flowers but I tell him if he does don't spend much money, get me tulips). We might do something tonight, dinner or a movie, but nothing out of the ordinary. Only one year did I get a really cool gift, totally surprised - an oil painting that I had wanted for a long time. He rang the doorbell and when I opened it, there he was with this painting! xo

  11. Awwww Erik!!! ♥
    Doing absofrigginlutely nothing special for Valentine's Day. Made up holiday!
    Although I do get him some chocolates that he loves and he gets me some fudge.
    But that's it ... no flowers ... no jewelry ... just chocolate! LOL
    Mwah! **hugs**

  12. your pictures are simply beautiful!!

  13. Wow a month old already. That has gone fast. We don't do a lot on Valentine's either. I am not much of a hearts and flowers kind of girl.

  14. No way he is already a month old - good grief! I could care less about Valentine's Day, but my husband enjoys getting me flowers and a card - so I drag my sorry butt to the store each year and find the least syrupy card I can and give it to him. Nice shot of Danbo and hope your cold/sinus is improving (mine refuses to cave - pretty sure I'll still have a slight cough by Easter). Happy Day Kelly.

  15. I love your and Frankie's idea of "every day love"...that's as it should be! I don't usually get my guy, (which is my husband now as of Jan. 2nd of this year...!!) anything. He brings me flowers, roses usually, on valentine's day. But, this year, I over heard him so many times saying he'd love a book on Blackbeard the mean ole pirate! So I got that for him, and a computer game he's been wanting. I'll do that, though, through out the year...NOT just on special days! I love little surprises and I love to GIVE little surprises,,,it reminds me how much I'm loved and thought of to receive and well, when I give, it just makes me feel good inside to know that I've made someone's day a little brighter and I've reminded them how much their loved and thought of!
    Your grandson is precious...!! Time flies...! Get to that little thing and get all the babylicious you can!! ~ karenmarie63


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