Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I'm playing over at Kim's Cafe today.
 I drove down to a little local Japanese Garden on Sunday to gets some fresh air and just roam around among the well manicured grass and quiet corners it has to offer. I go about twice a year and this visit was by far the best. I had no idea the Cherry Blossoms would be out this early. 
They always add such candy like color to the landscape.

I spent 6 years in Japan and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirosaki was always a favorite day trip. 

I used Kim's Canvas Black Magic here @100%-I also layered a vintage wash, a sweet vintage layer & added a light vignette from Florabella. 
P.S. I LOVE this texture :-)

I do not consider myself a landscape photographer but I wanted to play like I was. 

The gardens do not allow tripods-only monopods and since I don't own a monopod I decided to see how slow I could catch the water hand held...
1/13, f22, ISO 100 18-270 lens @91mm
(I'm rather happy at the results)

Hey Kim...
...You're Canadian geese are having a grand time down here! 
This one's contemplating...stay or fly home!
 hee hee

Happy (what ever you shoot) snapping!


  1. Wonderful images of the landscape and the close up of the birds….and in the case of the goose…I would stay.Love the water pictures - well done!

  2. Beautiful! I was particularly taken by the photo of the thin stream of water trickling from one piece of bamboo onto the other with a cute splash. Great catch!

  3. You did a great job as a landscape photographer. The cherry blossoms are fantastic. Looks like a lovely place to visit, and you nailed the water.

  4. Beautiful job on both your added texturing and your landscape shots. Even more amazing - those water shots. Well done!

  5. Such a pretty place to be and your water shots are terrific.

  6. These are wonderful, Kelly, especially the cherry blossoms.
    I cannot wait to see them here, but I think it's going to be a while yet.... :-(
    Happy day to you!

  7. I so love each and every one, the water shots are so dear to my heart and you have done them so so well, beautiful work could look at them all day in every detail.

  8. Awesome landscape photos! I'm impressed how clear the waterfall photo is since it was handheld...enjoy your weekend!

  9. Beautiful! I love the water spray on the bamboo water fountain. I cannot believe that was hand held, great job. I could never hold a camera that steady.

  10. Wow! These are just spectacular! I need to try that texture too! Wow...did I say that already?

  11. Oh cherry blossoms, lovely lovely. And yes, the waterfalls is spectacular hand held image...great job!! And what a lovely place to visit!

  12. Beautiful images! What a lovely place to visit!

  13. Wow! What great images .... making me yearn big time for Spring.
    We're expecting 12 to 16 inches of snow on Thursday ... can I say CRAP?????? LOL
    **hugs** ♥ Mwah!

  14. Oh how pretty! I love your water shots. It's nice to see some color! It's been all brown and white over here for as long as I can remember. Blah!

  15. Well, it is so nice to see green and flowers and all these pretty things! Love the bamboo image with your special touches. Thank you so much for sharing these today!

  16. Your photos are wonderful, Kelly !
    Love the one with the cherry blossoms ... feels already like spring !
    Looks like a lovely place ...
    Nice week,

  17. Very beautiful photos!!!!
    Have a lovely week!

  18. Oh I miss our gardens like this in Dallas, I'll need to see if they have any here. And you did a great job on the water shot - bravo - slow shutter speed shot get a little addicting and the next thing you know you'll be shooting abstracts! (hehe) xo

  19. Amazing captures and love the pink blossoms! It's gray and cold here today. xo


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