Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January in a...


I feel a sense of urgency to write this post today or the end of February will rolling around and I'll be left scratching my head wondering where the time has gone.
 I had birthday #51 on the 14th. I happen to be the nerd that likes my birthday but something rather profound has happened on this birthday. I've been cleansed and feel I've done my time to arrive at this place where a feeling of confidence and security in my life has empowered me. I no longer feel like I need to validate or need validation on anything I say or do. So much so that when the subject came up on date night, Frankie said he noticed the shift. There is a learning curve to put feelings and words into their rightful compartment, but my 2015 word, BALANCE, seems to be coming into play in an unexpected way. I like the change.
 Have any of you had similar experiences? I'd love to hear about it.

Friends who give me wine for presents...are MY kinda friends!

I flew up to the Oakland area to visit Jamie and help celebrate Erik's first birthday.
 Erik is a great eater. He might not like everything you put in front of him, but he tries everything.
He really, REALLY likes cake !

I brought back some amazing treasures gifted to me from Jamie. I haven't even had time to photograph everything. She nabbed, grabbed, claimed this scale as give to me. She had a recent visit to my SIL's grandmother's house. Antique items were being given away and the grand-daughters were allowed to come and take what they wanted before everything else was given away. Lucky for me, Jamie is like Quick-draw Mcgraw! I love that she knows my taste.

My oldest son, Justin, turned 30...yikes and Frankie turned 60 this month. We got Ms. Kitty to sleep in the garage at night. That's huge. It's nice that we don't have to wonder and worry about her when we hear the coyotes having a party on the golf course at 2 a.m.-Come to think of it, I've been sleeping better knowing she's safe in my garage. Today, I managed to slip a thin collar on her so she'll get use to having one on because Frankie ordered a kitty door, he'll install, that opens electronically by a chip in a special kitty collar. She was NOT happy but hopefully by tomorrow, she won't be giving us the cold shoulder. This weekend I'll be going to a French Flea Market. I'm so excited to see what's for sale.
If you follow Kim Klassen on IG, you know she has a weekly competition-Sat-Tues @ #mystillsundaycompetition
On Wednesday she posts her favorites.

I'm excited to be featured this week as one of 6 artists.
That's my photo up on the top (R) with my new/old scissors. (photos to come)
 Kim is like a blog guru and it's an honor to be included among these great photos. There are some amazing artists and photography going on over there. I'm blown away by what is being posted.
I'll be by your blog this weekend to say hi...
Until then,
Happy (come on February) snapping!


  1. Hard to believe that Erik is one already, and that your oldest is 30. Love your new antique treasures and congrats. on the My Still Sunday feature.

  2. You shine through your words and pictures! Happy for you that you are in a good place and congratulations that you are featured again on Kims blog - well deserved!

  3. Woot-woot to being featured! I saw that & I was so dang excited for you!
    January has been quite a busy month for you! Can't wait to see what February features!
    Have fun at the French Flea Market .... I <3 flea markets!!!
    Mwah! xoxo

  4. Happy belated Birthday - and no way is Erik is already 1 - he was just born. Love your antique finds and wow, a French Flea Market - gotta beat the hillbilly one we have locally. Congrats on making Kim's 4 square (I noticed it all on my own when she posted it - said "aw ha, I know who took that picture!"). Cheers to being in a good place - I'm making my way (geriatric pace, but making it none-the-less).

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I am finding the older I get the less I need 'approval' from anyone. It is quite freeing...
    Congratulations on being featured on Kim's blog! Your image is very beautiful.
    I just bought the same antique scale! I love it. I haven't taken any pictures yet, soon I hope.

  6. Happy belated Birthday, Kelly! And congratulations on your feature - I noticed the image right a way - the blue thread and the scissors - it was one of my favorites from the very moment I saw it. The antique scale looks lovely and rustic.
    Happy weekend to you :)

  7. Happy Birthday, a little late. Always love your photography and not surprising that you were featured on Kim's My Still Sunday. And what a find you have with those scales and old glasses. Envy!! And btw I did order some scissors from Etsy, still waiting on their arrival!!


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