Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Polaroid SX-70...


Have you ever received one of those gifts that you've been dreaming of owning and really...REALLY want? have it not work?
Then you revert to a kicking, screaming child pouting adult that wishes they could kick and scream? 

This little beauty above is what all the fuss is about today.
 Needless to say, NOT having her work is especially upsetting when Frankie spent ALOT of time looking...and listening to me repeat, "Is it tested?"...often, as we researched the web for one.
I opened her on Chanukah & decided yesterday was a good day when I was shooting this vignette .

THIS is what I got...


For those of you, like me, in the 50 something club, you'll know who The Coneheads are. If you are in the younger crowd and have never heard of SNL or The Coneheads...check them out HERE
The photo also reminds me of 2 women & a child(probably dragged) enjoying the theater (you have to say theater with a European accent) with 18th century pouf style coiffures.
  I inserted the film pack & the film cover didn't come out when I closed the film door. (My first inkling that things weren't going well) When I snapped the 1st pic, I got the film cover...hmmm ok...point, aim, shoot...wait...40 minutes. Originally, all I got was the 3 blue humps. 
(insert kicking & screaming) 
Long story wasn't until Frankie woke up this morning and pulled the camera apart did he know what was wrong. 
In the meantime, "ink blot" photo kept going through the rollers...thus...The Coneheads...or poufs. of right now, a contact pin on the door that wasn't pressing the electrical contact when the film door snaps shut was made and is drying in a vice. Frankie had to leave for a 2 day trip and I have strict instructions to release the door from its grips tomorrow. Can you stand it yet? Don't you just want to know how it all turns out? Well I guess we'll all just have to wait and see how it all ends!
(I wonder if a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is my future?)
Stay tuned...
Happy (what does the ink blot say to you) snapping!


  1. lol, Kelly ... oops ... sorry that your camera isn't working (yet) but you crack me up ...

  2. humor is good. especially when dealing with polaroids ;)
    hang in there.

  3. What a shame but at least he found the problem. Keep us posted...

  4. She's a beauty and will surely be well soon! No Instax for you! Just keep going. You need to get a good relationship with your sx-70. Then you'll cherish her forever. :-D

  5. I bought a Polaroid Land Camera at an antique store for $18. I don't care if it works since it is just in my vintage camera display. I am in my mid-40's and I remember the cone heads.

  6. Kelly, while the camera is apart, clean the rollers real well too.
    Hope it works for you when you get it back together.

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  8. :-D ...... sorry for laughing at your dilemma!!!!
    Hope the problem is solved.

  9. It sucks that it doesn't work, but I am quite literally LOL at your photo title. Good luck with getting it to work. In the mean time, it is a great propt.

  10. So sorry your camera isn't working, but Frankie sounds pretty resourceful so I have confidence that you will have some Polaroids to share yet!

  11. I haven't thought about the Coneheads in years! I was gifted an old Polaroid 250, some shots turn out some don't. It is a lesson in letting go of the outcome, but sometimes you just have to stomp your feet. :)

  12. I am sorry that it didn't turn out, but I'm laughing so hard at the "coneheads" - OH MY, I had forgotten about them until just now! ROFL


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