Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good news...

...other news

The good news is, Frankie got my little girl to work. The other news is that at some point as the camera was being worked on, the film had been exposed. I shot off the last 4 photos fully accepting the fact that most likely none would turn out. (but secretly hoping one would) Polaroid film has changed over the years. Frankie remembers when a photo came out to keep it in light to develop. Now-a-days the first 10 seconds are critical to not expose the picture to light. It must immediately be turned over or put in a dark place to full develop....30-40 minutes later. Film isn't cheap either...8 photos in a cartridge sells for $24-There is no wiggle room to experiment-especically with the camera's exposure disc. Despite all of that, I promptly ordered another pack and I'll try it again...and again! But there's just something about that frame that is reminiscent of a simpler life and time that makes me swoon. 
This story isn't over yet!
Happy (polaroid) shooting!


  1. Well, that's just pretty darn cool! It may not have developed all the way, but it sure does bring back memories - I used to love using the polaroid. Can't wait to see the next batch.

  2. I used to love my Polaroid camera, instant delight, but it was expensive even back then. Have fun playing and so happy that Frankie has magic hands!!

  3. How cool! I had a Polaroid growing up and loved it. I haven't used one in forever so I didn't realize how different they are nowadays. I do love digital, but there is something about film that is just so nostalgic and makes me swoon as well :)

    I've missed checking in with you! I hope to make more time for visiting this year :)

  4. This will be a great project for you this year to play with your polaroid. I love seeing your photos.

  5. I am so glad he got it fixed...I had one years ago and loved it...

  6. This would be tough to go back to after being spoiled with digital - but oh what a fun time.


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