Saturday, January 10, 2015

Postcards from...

...the edge

is in full swing & I wanted to get the word out early in case any of you are interested in participating in this incredible postcard swap.
 Kat has all the details HERE  and while you're there, take a look at the number of artists and countries & how this event has grown. It's not just about photography-digital art, mixed media, acrylics, pen & ink, it's all amazing and really fun way to connect with other like minded artists. There are a few videos to watch and just'll see what I'm talking about. There is so much eye candy that flashes before your eyes... to witness everyones work...well, it's just inspiring to see.
This is the 5th year of the swap and my 3rd year to float my art into the universe. The above shot is a sampling of the fun cards I've received. I'm starting now so I'm not late and miss the March deadline. (not that it ever happened to me(snort)).
 In case you are thinking about sharing in this experience, I use MOO for printing my postcards. They come out beautiful, very professional on hard card stock and the website is pretty easy & straight forward. If you are interested in seeing the quality, leave me your full name & snail mail addy-and I'll be happy to send you a piece of happy mail.
I've connected with several photographers & now we're "friends" over on IG. I say go take a peek & if you have any questions you can always ask Kat,  and there are LOTS of resources to help you get started. If you pop over-tell her I sent you!
Happy (snail-mail) snapping!


  1. Thanks for this reminder! Every year I plan to order postcards for this event, but never do. Well, I just ordered my postcards with the link above and this will be my first year participating. Thanks for the nudge!

  2. Every year I read of others doing this and think "how great would that be to participate in"; I even went so far as to sign-up for Kat's email newsletter and set up an account with MOO; but I get anxious that between now and March I will not find anything worthy of print and will fall short of the task- ugh! Do you just print one design or multiple designs? I have ordered cards with Shutterfly and you have to order in sets of 12 (minimum) per design - is MOO similar?

  3. Kelly, thank you for this nudge ... I was so smitten with the video of all the art that I watched it twice ... and I've signed up for the swap ... so excited ... thank you again ... xo

  4. Always such a fun event. You are a good cheerleader for this project!

  5. Hello Friend! Just getting back into the blog saddle. Thanks for your good wishes! We are truly blessed and received our Christmas Miracle...a long strange trip it has been. I also have signed up for the postcard swap, and have used Moo for mine. Thanks for the tip. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! ALOHA


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