Tuesday, February 3, 2015



It's only taken me all day to get here...between work, not feeling great, grocery shopping, laundry and dinner. Frankie surprised me by heating up the jacuzzi for an after dinner dip to help rid me of the cold that's working me. You can add jacuzzi soak to the list of why this post is up late. 

I received a beautiful vase of purple tulips for my birthday a few weeks ago. They'll be the gift that keeps giving once I plant the bulbs in the ground. The petals are slowly falling off but are still so velvety, feathery, and feminine looking. Jamie snagged a gorgeous tea cup for me from her husband's grandmother. She was asking the girls in the family to claim some items left from another relative that had recently passed away. I've done a whole series of pearls, petals and that pretty bokeh tea cup that sits in the back.

For texture Tuesday, I really tweaked the 2nd image and used Kim's FRENCH MARKET texture on overlay at 35%. I added some Florabella's Vintage and Add Drama to the photo. I also played way too long because everything I was doing to the photo, wasn't quite how I envisioned. Too anal? Probably...but some things I just won't settle on. 

In other news...
...there are so many sick kids at school that I know that's where I pick up crud...quite literally once a week. I live on Emergen-C. (love that stuff) I still feel yucky, but haven't gotten full blown sick...yet...

 I just finished a terrific read...The Witches Daughter by Paula Brackston...you can find it on my side bar. Loved it from beginning to end. I've have never had good luck reading back to back author's books. I've usually loved the first read but not so much the second. At the moment, I'm thinking of giving it another go though. The two other titles are The Midnight Witch and The Winter Witch. The jacket photos alone suck me in! If you have read either of the latter-please chime in.
Ok, I think I'm going to go park myself on the couch and veg out until bedtime. I will be making my rounds to your blogs in the coming week. I love to see all your beautiful photos.

 Happy (tulip lovin') snapping!

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  1. These are both so pretty, Kelly! Flower photos always make me happy. I love the little scissors in the bottom shot, I have a pair of those too. They're such a cute little photo prop, aren't they?! :)

  2. These are such beautiful photos! I love the softness they have! A Jacuzzi soak sounds heavenly!


  3. I am so loving all the scissor and teaspoon still life pictures of late. I also love the added sheet of music to your image - lovely. Get well!

  4. Wonderful edits. I'm partial to the teacup and tulip petals, only because I have some china that belonged to my mom. The pattern is violets.

  5. These are just beautiful Kelly, and I do know what you mean about not getting "just right" sometimes. I was just playing with some of my grandmothers tea cups too, with an old book...they are perfect props when there is nothing in the garden.

  6. Beautiful photos. I think your second image looks great. It may not be what was in your head, but it really works well. I read The Witches Daughter and thought it was good. I have not read her other books, if you read one let us know how you like it. I did read and would recommend Jodi Picoult's book Leaving Time, loved it.

  7. Awesome shots K ..... <3
    The "crud" is going around .... I'm working on my 3rd cold since October :-/
    I've actually forgotten what it feels like to feel "good".

  8. Very pretty photos! Hope you can keep the crud away! A lot of crud going around here, too. I wash my hands ... often! And, oh, yes! Many a time I have one vision in my head and another on my display. In fact, I have to say, it happens more often than not. BUT ... when the magic happens with just a click or two, it sure does feel good, doesn't it?

  9. The beauty of the petals on the beautyof the music. Nicely done.

  10. Both of these are wonderful, Kelly, but I think the first one is my favorite.
    Love the composition and focal point.

  11. Purple tulips are so beautiful... love the images, the light, the mood.

  12. Hope you feel better soon. I am sure the hot soak was delightful.

  13. Love your tulip photos, Kelly ... the one with the petals and pretty tea cup ... gorgeous !
    I'm not feeling great either ... hope you're feeling better soon ...
    Have a nice weekend,

  14. that top shot is lovely. i love the color of the petals. it will be nice when the crud season is over, this year has been bad.


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