Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You have the answer...

...just get quiet enough to hear it
Pat Obuchowski


I didn't mean to be away-it just sort of happened. I've missed being here but as I read on my friend Tammy's  blog (as told to Tammy by her friend) blogging should be fun and not something on your to-do list.  I don't feel particularly energetic to pick up my camera these days and I don't seem to have any sparks of creativity...for the moment. I've been down this road before. Usually this time of year, as school winds down, it's all I can do to push forward and keep plugging away until summer vacation. So, I'm allowing myself get through this with minimal guilt! 
Spring break officially starts on Monday, but I say when I leave work at noon on Friday, THAT'S when it starts for me. I've been sick with this annoying cold that's slowly getting better. Good thing too because Frankie and I have our very first road trip planned! We usually fly everywhere, but there's just too much we might miss on our way to the Grand Canyon, then on to Sedona and over to Death Valley. I'm so excited and I know THEN I'll be in full photography mode! 
If you follow me on IG, you'll be tucked in my pocket and coming along with us.

And just so my brain doesn't completely shrivel & dry up, I am doing a 30 day photo challenge with the 
Waterlogue app. That seems a bit more doable at the moment.

Remember the cell phone burn I had mentioned here?

Well, I decided to post the photo. After searching Google and not finding a lot of info on this anomaly,(except that it can happen) I decided to go to the Apple store and I got an on the spot phone replacement. The friendly folks at Apple were helpful and seemed truly miffed and apologetic that this happened. It would be interesting to know what, if anything, is found after the phone is sent in for investigation. 

Passover is coming up. Soon Lemon Bars and Matzo Bark will be made in great numbers! I also found a flourless chocolate cake recipe I'll be making for dessert and taking to my sister-in-law's Seder. 
Ok, that about get's you caught up with me. How are you? Anything new and exciting you'd care to share?

Happy (plow through the mental blocks) snapping!


  1. Funny how it would seem that with the infusion of color in our world, creativity would follow suit - but that just isn't how things tend to work. I need to remind myself that it is okay to miss a day or two on the ole blog (which I will be doing this weekend with a trip and The Masters Golf on TV). I'm glad the Apple folk replaced your phone - that just shouldn't happen. I also look forward to many IG pics. Enjoy your trip and Spring Break.

  2. I have been enjoying the Waterlogue challenge on IG love all your images, the camera is way cool. Gee Wiz that is some burn.

  3. Seems many of us took/are taking a spring break from blogging. It's all good. Enjoyed your images but owie on the burn. What the heck?

  4. I am feeling the exact same way about blogging right now. Post coming soon…LOL! Loving the Waterlogue challenge, it is helping pass this month much easier. Glad the Apple folks were quick to change out your phone. They probably don't want to get sued :) Your road trip sounds fabulous!

  5. I have never ever even heard nor seen a cell phone burn! How horrible. Enjoy your trip…I envy you and am looking forward to seeing many pictures.

  6. Oh my goodness, Kelly, your upcoming trip sounds just wonderful!

    Glad you were able to get a different phone. That is a nasty burn.

    Have a wonderful Passover.

  7. Hi Kelly! Love the waterlogued images!! Enjoy your trip!

  8. Wow...that is one bad burn! Not too much new in my world... I too feel a little worn down. I finally blogged today...it's been forever!!! Love that waterlogged camera! I wish android had better apps!

  9. I hope you'll be sharing your matzo bark recipe!

  10. Ouch... That burn looks bad. Yay for your Spring Break! It sounds like a very fun road trip. I've never seen the Grand Canyon, so I'm hoping for a little vicarious visit thanks to you and IG. Have fun and enjoy your break!

  11. Oh, I so want to go with you to the Grand Canyon...I guess I need to be better about getting on to IG, I just haven't been on much lately! Have a great time...I always prefer to drive, like you said, so much to miss along the way when you don't! xo

  12. Ouch! to that burn .... dang!!!!
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing your photos .... what a fun getaway!!
    Mwah! ♥


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