Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"App" Happy...


I'm joining Barb over at Keeping with the times for a new linky meme. 
Today I'm going to share a photo I posted over on IG as part of a month long challenge I took with the  #Waterlogue app, which I adore. 

Frankie was making Moussaka for dinner Monday night & had 3 beautiful eggplants which
 I quickly snagged and snapped a few pics before he cut into them.

 The original i-phone photo above is really nothing special~I cleaned the image up in PicTapGo by brightening up the shadows a bit and then added crispity to sharpen the image so that much of the lines would be better defined when I "painted" it. 
Once I run an image through Waterlogue-I don't like to edit the final image. 
They are pretty perfect as is.
Here... the final image.
I used "Color Bloom" with the #8 brush size, normal light, and no border.
I adore how it came out.

I used the Lo-Mob app and the "superslide" frame for this image-

Lo-Mob is a great app to put a vintage spin on your images...and who doesn't love a little vintage?!

Ok...I'm off to go visit and get inspired from other app to join me?

Happy (app) snapping!

Keeping With The Times


  1. Love Kelly especially the slide version I so love retro....

  2. Love your edits ! I'm going to check out the Lo-Mob app, love the vintage look :)

  3. Good looking eggplant, you really know how to pick'em. love the waterlogue and LoMob is a new one for me will have to try that one thanks Kelly.

  4. Loved these eggplants on IG, love waterlogue everyone is using, but that last vintage one is so great too!

  5. Kelly, I love both versions! Eggplants in Waterlogue - brilliant idea! I've been thinking about using eggplants as subjects but just have never gotten around to it - they are such an amazing colour and so smooth. I've taken note of Lo-Mob as well. It really did make them look so vintage! Thank your for linking up with "app" happy wednesday!

  6. I love eggplants - to eat and to photograph. These are excellent edits (perfect to frame for the kitchen)

  7. We love eggplant and used to grow them. These are beauties! And I love the edit.

  8. This shot lends itself so well to the Waterlogue app! Love the color and thanks for the details on how you did the edit.

  9. These are great, Kelly!
    I really love the composition in the first one.

  10. These are lovely. I especially love the waterlogue effect.

  11. Love them both... but the retro, vintage feel always gets my vote. I can't wait to check out the Lo-Mob app!


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