Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Nobody was more surprised then me that I actually thought far enough ahead to plan an actual photo for a later date! When Frankie I started to plan our road trip, I quickly found my Earth ball and packed it to be used for an Earth Day photo or two. I actually saw the whole photo in my head & Frankie was more than happy to put up, see to it that what I saw in my head is what I would edit and post. And seriously, what better backdrop for Earth Day than the Mojave Desert. 
I'm glad to see more and more people are paying attention and doing what they can to help save our planet. But you know as well as I do, there is so much more that needs to be done. I am more aware than ever of our water consumption, what time of day I run big appliances, recycling and reusing whenever possible. I know personally there is a lot more I can do-so I will be spending time looking into how and what we can do as a family to go a little more green.
I mean why not go a little (or a lot) greener?
 Look what we stand to lose. That become so much more evident here...

I'd love for you to share how or what you plan to do today and how you help our planet live and breath a little better.

Happy (Earth Day) snapping!


  1. Way to plan ahead. Fabulous photo. Here surrounded by water I don't think about water consumption so much. Then we travel west and become very aware. One thing that irks me to no end is the trash that people just throw out of their car window alongside the window. Do we need the 1970's Native American commercials back again? I think so.

    1. OMG Sarah-it was because of that commercial (I think I was like 6 or 7) that I've never littered since then!!

  2. Love these photos, Kelly, especially the last one.
    So perfect for Earth Day.

  3. I do my best to reduce, re-use and recycle! I bought a Keurig and was freaked out by all the little cups and the amount of trash...so I bought the "make your own" cup and use my own coffee! Not only cheaper but no more waster either! I dump the coffee grounds in my garden! It's a start... Fabulous photo and so happy I saw it today! We have that same Earth ball...so I picked up my daughter from school and drove to a cool location to do the shoot! So thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

  4. Love this picture - well planned. I recycle bottles and paper and plastic - but I drive an SUV (it's paid for - so ...). I am so dismayed with the amount of pollution along our highways (especially country roads) - it breaks my heart.

  5. Absolutely perfect photos for Earth Day! Gorgeous!!!

  6. Beautiful tribute to our earth. I don't use bottled water, I recycle all my plastic, cans, paper & glass, I try and drive efficiently, but I know there is so much more we all could do.

  7. Your desert photo is amazing! I'm a big recycler and have the whole family involved. When we take walks around our neighborhood I always pick up the stray bits of trash, particularly on Earth Day!

  8. Your image is beautiful, Kelly. It's so nice that your husband plays along with you! I don't do as much as I should. For a while, I was really, really good at recycling, but that was because the city picked it up curbside for us. I had my neat little bins set up. (Any excuse to buy containers, right?!) But now I'm not so good. And I heard the other day that we throw away enough (something - water bottles maybe) to stack them to the moon and back 22 times. TWENTY-TWO TIMES TO THE MOON AND BACK!! That is a horrible fact to think about.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Perfection! This should be n "Earth Day" poster or in a publication.

  10. How did I miss this post?
    I love that last shot .... absolutely wonderful and perfect for "Earth Day".
    Mwah! ♥

  11. Oh Kelly, I adore your Earth Day shot - so very perfect in every way! It's staggering to think of what we lose everyday on this planet. 80,000 acres of rainforest a day - A DAY, and we've lost so many species, right now 18,000 are in jeopardy of extinction, and we have lost 25% of our plant species...and we need plants for our medications and cancer treatments. I don't believe most people realize the magnification of this crises.

    (such a brilliant earth day idea for your shoot) xo


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