Saturday, May 25, 2013



I am a little behind in editing photos but life has slowed to a more manageable speed & I can finally play a bit more. I'm fighting band width as Austin is having a LAN(local area network) party. I've got 8 boys each with their own computer playing some kind of game together. They laugh and dog each each other, some will rest and play guitar and "sing"! It's hilarious listening to them. They stay up all night. A few will sleep, or not...
So I just sit in a corner of my house, making do with what little wifi I can steal! Uploading is murder!
While I was in Fla. for those 3 weeks, the weather was near perfect so I took advantage & walked...
a lot! 
One Sat. I stopped at a garage sale & found a jar of thread. I didn't even barter the $10. Now, I sweat if I have to sew a button...that's about as much sewing as I can do-but I had to have this jar. The lid had a recipe stuck to it at one point and the imprint alone makes me swoon.

more than a few interesting colors...

I can imagine the talk in the sewing circle when thread jumped from 10 to 15 cents!
That was probably a big thing.

I'm not exactly sure what you'd use this nylon thread for...but the label says
"new & improved"

I can't even tell you the happiness a $10 jar of thread gives me

Happy (thread) snapping!


  1. Isn't it wonderful how the little things can give us so much pleasure?! Those wooden spools are definitely a treasure, I think everything is plastic now.

  2. It IS the simple things in life...really! And to think I got rid of some ridiculously great, realllly old and long wooden spools that held was I supposed to know I would want to photograph them some day? haha

  3. I love the looks of those old spools. Wonderful series of shots!

  4. That's exactly how I felt when I bought my jar of thread-full bobbins. It was like winning the jackpot, I tell ya'. I love your wooden spools of thread and will tell you again how much they make me think of my mom and grandmother. Sweet memories from these beautiful pictures you took!

    And as a mom, I know how sweet those sounds were coming from Austin and his friends. There's just something about overnighters that makes me stop and soak in the moment... The sounds of laughter, conversation, and midnight-and-later forays into the kitchen.


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