Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Listicles... & easy e-dition
on becoming a Grandma!

I'm hooking up with Stasha
to help celebrate her 100th Monday Listicle.
 I got absolutely giddy when I shot Jamie a text this morning at how much I love that baby already! I mean how can a human, the size of a lentil, steal a heart anyway? So that's when I decided to make a list of 10 great things about being a Grandma is going to be.

1. Watching your daughter become a mother 
2. Getting all the excitement of a new baby without losing your figure, losing sleep and lactating boobs at inappropriate times!
3. Buying books...
4. ...gifting the love of reading
5. Hold, smell and kiss that new bundle
6. Giving Brian & Jamie a break and letting little Erlwein stay with me.
7. a good way
8. Being a confidant 
9. Waiting so "Baby E" can talk and actually name me. (so many choices, Nana Kelly, Grams, Safta, MoMo...endless possibilities)
10. Hearing my new name for the first time!

I'm kinda over the moon!

Yes, everything I've done or didn't do will now make sense to Jamie.
 Electrical appliances come with more instructions than raising a baby.
 For now, I get to sit back and be prepared to amazed!


  1. Oh congrats to the new mommy and Grandmommy!! How fun!!

  2. How exciting. I am so NOT ready for that - but maybe one day.

  3. the pic of you over the moon is perfect! new baby smell rocks and yes I bet watching your daughter become a mom must be wonderful.

  4. How exciting! I never thought about looking at a new grandma's point of view when a baby's due to arrive. How cool it would be!

    Congrats on such a special moment to come!

  5. So exciting!!! Congratulations!

  6. Oh how I loved this list! #5 of course, but # 9 and 10 - oh just imagine that sweet little voice!!

  7. Oh Congrats!

    That's a really cool list, and so must be exciting to get a grandmother nickname. Everyone calls my Grandma 'Nana' - sometimes I do, but Grandma is what I usually call her. I loved being called Auntie for the first time - it sounded so cute.

    Love the 'over the moon' pic.

    Happy Monday Listicles.

    Yona from

  8. I love how you're so excited! Congratulations on your grandbaby in the making!

  9. I'll bet being a grandma is almost as much fun as being a mom!

  10. Congrats! Awesome! I am with you on the whole 'smell the baby' thing. Could they just bottle that smell? Love it!

  11. I love your list and your "over the moon" photo! My daughter called my mom, Grandmother, but named her other grandmother all by herself. My husband's mom has been 'Mano' from the time she uttered the name on her own. It was cute and it stuck!


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