Sunday, May 12, 2013

A day...

...of expression

First, I want to wish all you hard working moms Happy Mother's Day. You beautiful women who come visit and post here fill me with gratitude. I can tell by visiting your blogs you are like me, loving, caring and just trying to be the best person you can be. We are bound & united by at least one thing above all else...motherhood.
But I have to be honest with you, this is one Mother's Day I've been dreading the minute I saw the greeting cards go on display. I've had a knot in the pit of my stomach for weeks and will go away ONLY when the day is over AND nothing else out of the blue crops up.
 Half of me feels this way because this is the first MD that I can't pick up the phone to wish my own mother a special day. She's in that dark place struggling to exist. Quite honestly, it sucks thinking of her and the woman she was and the woman she has become.
Then the other half of me is excited for the mom that I am. I have everything in the world to be thankful for with my own 3 kiddos. I know that I am loved and appreciated & I really don't need one day set aside to celebrate my motherhood. If it makes it any easier to read this, I feel the same way about all the other "one day set aside" holidays. I honestly...and I mean HONESTLY feel that you should celebrate your loved ones each and every single day of the year.
 I ask myself every morning, "How can I make this day better for__________?"
I fill in the blank...and then just do it.
Did you know Mother's Day was established in 1872 for peace from a day of social and political activism by Julia Ward Howe? Mainly from women's clubs organized by Ann Jarvis, that eventually cared for soldiers on both sides of the Civil War in 1858. A resolution was signed and Mother's Day became national in 1914. It became so commercialized that Ann's daughter, Anna, fought the remaining years of her life trying to bring back the original intent of good works of these mothers. She died wishing the proclamation never happened.
Now, I know this is not a bed of roses post, but it is pure and from my heart. Something I take very seriously. Sometimes our days aren't filled with fluffy clouds and rainbows...although today I will try my hardest to see that it is...
Happy (silver linings) snapping!


  1. Totally with ya on this Kelly. I've never understood why we have so many of these yearly celebrations that are better observed daily. I know this isn't an easy MD for you, you are in my thoughts. Sometimes we need the difficulties to appreciate how truly blessed we are. At least that is how "I" try to make sense of things in my life. I appreciate your honest and thoughtful post my friend. Happy MD to you :)

  2. Kelly - I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday. As with any other day of the year, this designated holiday has its ups and downs, its pluses and minuses, the good, the bad. For the most part, MD has been resoundingly ignored by my little family (my husband went golfing and forgot it my first MD). Sadly, as I considered reaching over and smacking him if he said "it's just a made up holiday!" one more time today, I was reminded of the many MDs that we probably fell short of sincerely acknowledging all the wonderful things our mom did that we took for granted. I take comfort in knowing that during her final year I thanked her daily for more mothering stuff that I had only come to fully appreciate once becoming a mom myself.

    Enjoy the day.

  3. Oh boy do I hear you on this one...MD's are not at the top of my list of fav days...I never have my children with me, they have other committments that always seem to take precendent, and now that my sweetie is no longer with me and my mom is gone, it rather sucks. So I get it, big time!! Let's celebrate everyday and try and make something special from each day.


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