Friday, May 24, 2013



Dear Me,
I'm so happy you let things go while you were in PA that are out of your control. Never realizing  how taxing everything was getting even though you swore you weren't going to let things get bigger than you. Between brother, sis in law, and yourself, you've made it so things are manageable and you are in better control of things. So glad you were able to really enjoy your week as yourself...silly, loving, laughing, giddy, joyful, happy self.

Dear Austin,
Enjoy your new/old truck. I feel better knowing your 1st vehicle is a sturdy truck. Congratulations on your up and coming graduation. Dad and I are so proud of you and the young man you've become. You are loved to the moon and back.
I know you thought I lost my marbles when I teared up taking pics of the last of 12 years worth of lunches I've packed for you~2,160 lunches...give or take a few!

I can't help it. I'm a sentimental fool...but you know that about me already!

Dear Kim @

What you are going through as a mother I can only imagine. Have you ever jumped into something with both feet just because it felt right? And, you weren't quite sure of the logistics but you'd figure it out as you go along? Well, that's me and the 1000 cranes I will be blogging about in your honor. Besides my cranes, 
I had my first batch come in today from Maria aka echie52 on IG. 

Complete strangers helping each other has restored my faith in the human spirit.

Ahhhh life is good.
Happy (origami) snapping!


  1. Okay, your letter to Kim actually made me cry. Sad tears for what she is experiencing. Happy tears to see before me the workings of a kind and loving heart. God bless u both

  2. I haven't been to Kim's blog although I follow her on IG. I'll have to get over there. You have such a big heart, Kelly. Austin is lucky to have such a great lunch-packing, car-washing-filler-up kind of mom.

  3. I am sitting at my computer in tears, tears of happiness and awe really, for the incredible thing you are doing and for complete strangers who are helping you do it! xo

  4. I photographed the last packed lunch I sent to school with my daughter and she actually ate school lunches until middle school. With Ryan being a senior this year, I have no doubt I will do the same since he has never eaten a school lunch (I actually wrote a message inside his bag for the last day this year that said "today you become a Senior!". He skipped lunch and didn't see it. bummers!)

    Love the truck and think you are a SUPER STAR for doing this for Kim. You both rock!


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