Friday, May 3, 2013



Dear U.S. Army,
I took this at Adam's going away party.
See Adam on the left? Well, he's sworn in and ready to serve the United States. Please keep him safe. 
(Adam, Tristin & Austin~they're good boys)

Dear Me,
It's time to get a new hair-do.

Dear stress,
You think you're gonna get the better of me don't you? Well, you got the wrong girl to be messing with. Yeah, I had a mini melt down or two this week, they're allowed. But, I pulled myself up by my boot straps and moved on. Yeah, my nerves are being tested- but I WILL overcome you.

Dear whoever is responsible for my mom's well being,
You failed miserably.

Dear Frankie,
You're meatloaf rocks to high heaven!

Dear Santa Ana Winds,
Enough already.

Dear Monarch Butterflies,
I have tons of healthy milkweed for your babies. 
(I better be careful what I wish!)

Dear Click,
I was lucky enough to receive two copies of your delicious magazine and feel like having a little contest to give one away.  So lucky reader/friend, just mention that you'd like a shot at winning and you'll be entered. Winner will be announced next in my little corner of the blogging world!
  sorry over the pond friends...US only

Happy (May) Snapping



  1. Wow...lovely post. Stress has been trying to get the best of me too! Staying stong and forging ahead. Wishing tou well!
    I would love to win Click. I've never read it before. It looks lovely. Thanks for the chance! xxO

  2. Melt downs are more than allowed! :)

  3. Those boys are looking so cool in their shades - when you blink, they will become young men. I'm pretty sure that melt-downs are a privilege, no a God Given Right of motherhood/daughterhood/sisterhood. (if you haven't seen The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood - you really should)

    Thanks for the offer for Click - I've heard of it before but have not read it. I've gotten so accustom to seeking my inspirations free from the internet, perhaps I should consider subscribing to something as well.

    Have a good weekend Kelly!

  4. Hurrah for you staying strong through the stress you have had...and meltdowns are a necessary part of survival. I already subscribe to CLICK...great magazine.

  5. Oh girlfriend, I just had a meltdown myself....for several reasons.
    My boy, AND something has gone terribly wrong with my remaining 8 caterpillars? I got some milkweed from my metals instructor ( I actually got to go on Wednesday to quickly have to leave and to have her tell me that Monday is our last day) :( So I poked some stems into the four inch pots of whatever was left of the other plants and watered them really good. The next day, which was last night (all the while taking out the frass) I gave them the remaining milkweed (minus the ones with the three eggs that have since hatched. I did notice one that got loose somehow, which was strange since it wasn't even close to pupation, it was on the floor and not in good shape. I thought perhaps it might have picked up some old residue from 3 years ago when we had the house sprayed? But I thought maybe he would be better if I got him back on a plant. Well, one j-hanged when I was gone yesterday, and although his antenal whips have drooped it seems like it's been a long time and no movement what so ever! The other ones are not doing anything either and their frass is not as solid, it bleeds into the paper towels a bright green. I'm just sick about it, meltdown, tears....with everything else going on I just needed to feel like I was doing my part to help. I have no idea what to do!! (sorry to leave this long message here, I know you once gave me your e-mail but I couldn't find it and you are a no-replier on your comments)

    Oh and I would LOVE to have the chance to get that magazine, I have never seen it!!! xo

  6. You've definitely earned a meltdown or two. I'm glad you pulled on those bootstraps though and kept going. I've never seen CLICK, so count me in. (By the way, did you ever find an Artful Blogging?) I just bought a new one today.

    Have a great weekend, Kelly! Stay strong but fall apart as needed!

  7. Dear Kelly,
    You are entitled to a meltdown or two ... or three.
    Sorry I've been MIA .... but I think about you constantly.
    I keep up with you on Instagram and on here. One of these days I'll get out of my slump and join the world again .... hey, maybe winning that magazine would be a jump start ;-) Mwah!!!! **hugs**


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