Friday, March 15, 2013



I read over at Deanna's, this cool idea about summing up the week in a unique way called "Friday's Letters." She found it on another blog as a way young mothers connect and share advice about...well...being young mothers. Super cool idea but I'm by no means a young mom, and like Deanna, I have my own interpretation of this rather fun way of summing up the week.

Dear Sinus & Upper Respiratory Infections,
2 words...GO AWAY. I've suffered for 3 weeks and I'm really tired of being sick.

Dear Antibiotics, Inhaler & Cough Medicine,
 You have a big job and I need it done before next weekend. You see my sweet baby girl's bridal shower is Sat. and I CAN NOT be sick for that.

Dear Mother Nature, 
You have blessed me with another round of critters and I will  take such good care of them. You know how much I adore these babies!

Dear Naval Academy,
You are making us all crazy. We're waiting on pins and needles for an answer from you. Austin has worked SO hard for this and he's ready to commit a lifetime to the Navy. You are getting a really good deal with this one.

Dear Yahuda,
You make THE BEST gluten free matzo! Enough said!

Dear Matilda,
I hope you are enjoying your stay at the repair spa. Hurry home all fixed and ready to shoot ok?

Happy Snapping!


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