Monday, March 4, 2013

10 things...

...I'm proud of
I'm playing over at Stasha's today

1. My marriage-It will be 20 years for Frankie & I this August. I love my man so much my heart hurts.
2. Our kids-wow are we ever lucky to have 3 amazing, thriving, happy, children. *Justin in the USAF serving in Korea, Jamie getting married 4-19 & Austin passed his driving test today!
3. Me-Yup...I've had some pretty crappy things happen-but I have survived & still smiling!
4. My photography-I can finally say it out loud and not under my breath-I am a photographer!
5. My job-I LOVE what I do...helping 1st and 2nd graders understand Math and English. I wish there was a "me" around when I was in school.
6. My cooking...seriously!
7. My love of Nature & raising Monarchs
8. I don't spend money...I save and save and save...
9. I marvel at the small things
10. finishing this list...seriously!

Happy Snapping!

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