Thursday, February 9, 2012


ISO 400,1/50, f/3.2 Natural light from the left. Kim's Magic texture, Florabella Ivory Boost on overlay @ 32%
Cross Process on normal @ 84%

*I feel like this post needs a warning label...LOTS to talk about. I guess it's up to you to sift through the goodies! 
I'm loving the Beyond Layers workshop offered by Kim Klassen. We're working on "Simple" and learning a lot of photoshop techniques~which I could live to be 104 & STILL never know all it's little bells & whistles. Today, I did learn this cool gradient map technique.
It's as easy as 1,2,3!
SO fun! Here's my set up.
* You see those blinds? Yeah, well they are attached to a 12' foot slider that allows TONS of East facing natural light to pour into my dining room. For all intense purposes, I've closed them. I do a lot of my work here. Have you considered joining 

*In other news. I wanted to share a photo of Justin. It's an oldie but goodie!
*This is pre-fancy camera days! Austin & I went through hell & high water to fly to TX for his boot camp graduation. But if you are a parent, you know if that's what it takes to be with your kids, then that's what you do.
 The last time J was here, he had just gotten all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, drove to Northern CA to pick up his girlfriend, Diana, drove here for dinner and a little TLC and back to N.M. He'd gotten an infection and I couldn't take pictures of him. I made him promise to send photos of him when he gets settled in Kuwait.
Now, if you need a good cry...and I mean a really good cry, visit my friend Geri over at My Heart Art She posted a video
I had a lump the size of Texas in my throat and who does't need a good cry?!
Thank you Geri-it's so beautiful. I've received more love and support than should be humanly legal!
And with that...I think I'm done for the day.
Happy Snapping


  1. Wonderful post Kelly. Love the photo.

  2. 1. Love ♥ ♥ your Beyond Layers pics! I haven't even checked out the lesson yet! Can't wait to.
    2. What a handsome guy! I just know in my heart that he will be safe and be home before you know it.
    3. How freakin' true is it that we are soul sisters .... my son's middle name is Justin!!!!!
    Mwah! **HUGS** xoxoxoxo

  3. What a handsome you have Kelly! It's heartwarming and reassuring to see who is actually serving our country...I feel better knowing we are in such capable hands. Are you hooked up with Leeanne's blog? If not...let me know and I'll give you her blog address. You HAVE to get over there and see the video montage she created documenting her son's return from Afghanistan. It is all her own photos (I have no idea how she kept her composure to take the brilliant photos she did) coupled with some video too, accompanied to the best music. I have played it repeatedly because I am so moved by it.


    1. Hey Kathy.
      I just popped over. Loved that leap photo. Justin has already asked us to be in N.M. When he comes home. Uh..... With bells on!! Thanks!

  4. Here from Beyond Layers. I'm very impressed. Your photographs are so perfect. Great work!

  5. Oh yes, quite a handsome guy indeed! And your photos are just fabulous!!

  6. Your photos look so beautiful, Kelly :)

  7. Very handsome young man! Beautiful photograph of your Justin, Kelly.

    And these are GORGEOUS photographs as well! You are so talented - your work is just wonderful! Love everything you do, girl!

  8. Kelly gorgeous photos and I'm so happy that you're being supported by so many. Love seeing your handsome son again here.

  9. How pretty(and handsome)..... I love that pop of green against the white and your use of textures is always fabulous!!!



  10. Thanks for sharing how you set up your beautiful shot. I love the end result :)


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