Thursday, February 23, 2012

The day handed us lemons...

....lemonade or tequila?

*I couldn't say "life handed us lemons" because of one incident. Here at the Kardos household, we're lucky that way~but then we pride ourselves for creating a calm & uncomplicated home life. Every now and again, I guess, you gotta go through a "sour" spot to wake up your senses. I didn't write them rules...because if it were up to me...our lives wouldn't have have any of it. But you get through it, look for the bright spot, learn a lesson or two & move on.
Yup...lemonade always taste better sweetened!
Happy Snapping!


  1. Beautiful composition and sentiments. You can't recognize and define what sour is, unless you have sweet to compare it too.

  2. Well I do hope that life is sweeter for you now! Xoxo

  3. A lovely photo! Hope things aren't so lemony today!

  4. Love the photo. And for every negative there is always a positive!

  5. gorgeous!... and well said. man, i need to make a point of getting over here more often. i've been missing out on some really awesome posts! i'm far too busy. but i shall do my best to visit more consistently... especially since you are always so kind to come and visit me and comment.


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