Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When I am with you...

...The only place I want to be is closer

*To my One and Only...Frankie. 
I can't help it, loving YOU makes me corny, like a school girl all giddy inside, waiting for the "cool guy" to notice her! You did..notice...~and now I wake up to sunshine every day...even if there's rain.
Happy Valentines Day Baby!

*Frankie is my HAPPINESS!
(used KK's magic texture)


...is for the rest of you. 
The ONE way I can say THANK YOU to each and everyone one of you for coming to visit, leaving kind words, making me laugh, inspiring me and just being really awesome at all of it!
V-day wouldn't be complete without a little Danbo love...

* I got all excited, I thought he meant me-
HE meant the candy...when I was done with it!
Happy Snapping!
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day Kelly!
    First shot is awesome .... love the paper the candy is on.
    Second shot is also awesome ... and YOU rock!
    Third shot is adorable .... I ♥ Danbo......I've missed him!


  2. i love the softness of your photos...beautiful work! hope your valentine's day was filled with happiness!

  3. Sooooo creative! Love that music sheet background, it's perfect. And yes, that was my Better Half who posted on my blog yesterday. It's a good thing he is his own boss, otherwise he might get into trouble for being online during the work day :)


  4. I completely and wholeheartedly Loved this post! Hope your Valentine’s Day was Fabulous!

  5. Happy (belated) V Day to you, girl!

    Sweet sweet images!! Lovely note to your one and only, too. :)

    And that last photo is WONDERFUL! Love EVERYTHING about it!!! Nice bokeh, too! Girl, you rock!

  6. I love it. What a wonderful way to send a message of love to your hubby! YOU ROCK!

  7. Love these Kelly, so gorgeous! Hope your had a fabulous Valentines day!


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