Friday, February 10, 2012

One of Life's...

...little treasures

*Oh what a week! You know~one of THOSE kinds of weeks! But all I have to do, is look at this photo and my heart is instantly happy. It will always remind me of one of MY life's little treasures. My friend, Ripsime.
She is our principal's right hand gal & she does it all-for all the teachers, all the admin, all the students, all the parents....yada yada get the idea.
I just adore her & this is the best way I know how to tell her Thank you. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do & most especially for the beautiful flowers that inspired today's shot and yesterday's post: Whoa...
Oh and the cheesecake? I would have photographed that too....'cept....I ate it! :-)
And just in case you haven't heard it lately Ripsi....You are The Best & one of my life's little treasures.
What's one of YOUR life's little treasures? Please share me today.
Happy Snapping


  1. I really like the clarity of that mum against the creaminess of the background, and the pops of vibrant pink. Very nice. One of my little treaures? Gosh...a glass of wine always does it for me :)


  2. Oh Kelly! Why do you have to be so dang good at this? LOL Just kidding my love!
    Another awesome shot and kick a$$ processing!
    I need to take more shots ... where's my camera? Why am I not shooting?

  3. What a completely gorgeous image, Kelly! Dangity DANG! And DA-AMH... too! Beautiful pink and purple pops and that white mum, WOW! Nice capture and I love your crop.

    A treasure of mine ... Hmm... I'd have to say my friend Day is definitely one. :)


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