Thursday, February 16, 2012

There's always...


*One aspect of me you will always find woven into my photos is that I am the forever optimist that sees the glass 1/2 full. 
I'm definitely a morning person and enjoy every morning I can wake up and get out of bed! 
Sunrises...I love them.
Negative people have no room in my life so don't even bother. Who needs 'em?
 I have an endless supply of cheer, optimism and hope. 
There's always hope...
Happy Snapping


  1. Wow, great minds think alike. Just this week I've been folding origami cranes. Love yours, gorgeous paper!

  2. I love the paper you used for this origami..shows not only your optimistic nature, but your fun side too :)


  3. Nicely done!
    I do not have a knack for folding these beauties ..... :-/
    But you!!!! Nice!

  4. I have always loved your optimistic attitude! Wonderful and vibrant photo too! Xoxo

  5. i see it. and it might be one of the reasons i'm very drawn to your photos! good for you! on the whole, i am optimistic. but i can be very negative sometimes... where i tend to catastrophize something... things that overwhelm me. i think it's why i blog and take pictures and try to find joy or delight in the little things... to balance that out. =)

    love this cheerful image! you have amazing light for all your photos. i must find me a spot in my house that will give me that kind of great photo light!


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