Sunday, February 19, 2012

Help, I smell smoke...

...cause my Brain's on fire!
Wow, I had those little synapses firing like crazy w/this weeks prompts! But I was bound & determined to play & finish! are this weeks interpretations!


This was actually set up for a whole other prompt but morphed into LOVE! Theres' so much I do love, and this was the best way I could think of to encompass as much of everything as possible!


*Same nest...DUPLICATED in different tones.


I usually never follow trends but once I saw this new way to scrapbook...I was hooked, lined and sunk!

~Paper & Plastic~

Yes...Ms Kelly Cheater Pants snuck 2 prompts into one.
PLASTIC eggs on pretty spring PAPER
but c''s so cute & spring-ish!
See you on your blogs!
Happy Snapping!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your 'egg' shots!!!!!!!

  2. These are lovely. My faves are the bird nests.

  3. Beautiful shots! I'm okay with the cheat. Wonderful pic.

  4. Oh Kelly, totally love that first prompt of yours! Soooo creative...I thought I smelled smoke :)

  5. All gorgeous! Love the eggs on the paper - so pretty and "spring"y.

    I just started Smashing - at first I had a hard time trying to be so creative, now I just smash and write whatever I think of and don't worry about it being a work of art. At least I have a place for my stuff now!

  6. I love your pretty spring paper. Great shots!

  7. Great job with the prompts. I like the B/W composition of your Love shot.
    The Birds Next for Duplicate are just lovely.
    I also liked your Paper/Plastic combined photo, resourceful and creative.

  8. oh my! we think alike.... I too love capturing my close-ups on scrapbook paper. Those eggs are beautiful... you say they are PLASTIC... they look so real.

  9. Love the nest shots - so sweet and beautiful processing.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous set Kelly, love "Love", great idea, and "duplicated", your nest and eggs are beautiful!


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