Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simple is...

...as simple does.
I love simple...it has become my mantra lately. It allows you to focus on what's important....AFTER you weed out all the other stuff! Linking up with Kim over at the Cafe Kim Klassen cafe -
Using her fabulous new SIMPLICITY texture.

I had a lapse of consciousness, crazy idea & shared it with my girl Diane over at aug's blog
& she agreed to do a 12 month selfie project. Now, we've both been on a 365 self portrait journey & after shooting January's photo, I thought to myself..."how the heck did I do this everyday for a year?" Diane totally got what I was talking about. But truth be told, we both like the art of self portraiture. The theme was winter...Here's what I came up with.
Oh...and thanks D...you may decide that you don't want me calling you with anymore hair brained ideas! xo

                                                                   Happy Snapping!


  1. Woo-hoo!!! Look at you!!!!!! Look at you!!!!!
    What gorgeous SP's!!!!! I so enjoy your talent! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! :-D

  2. Oh my you are gorgeous...those winter selfies are beautiful!! LOVE!!

  3. Stunning Kelly! And oh so very creative! YOu are gorgeous. I am finding the 52 weeks of s elfies to be quite taxing. I only have so many angles I'm willing to shoot myself at! haha.

  4. Beautiful Kelly! I really have to give you loads of credit for taking all those self portraits. I'm much happier behind the lens. ;-)

  5. Holy .... !!!!

    Okay, you are GORGEOUS! And that's a mighty fine flower to boot!

    DA-ANG!! If I looked like you I would a selfie every single day of the year, maybe twice a day, who knows... That's how I roll...

    Beautiful self portrait work, Kelly. Stunning really. And a gorgeous flower certainly worthy of being featured. It is stunning as well. I really love the angle at which you shot the flower along with the composition. Your work is brilliant. Truly. :)

  6. great photo of the delicate daisy...but the selfie is amazing!!!

  7. Came from Aug's blog - love this idea!
    Your images are absolutely stunning!

  8. WOW!!!! Kelly, you are GORGEOUS!!! Love these self portraits.....you did a fantastic job! Look forward to seeing more of you....and your beautiful work~



  9. amazing winter themed shots just beautiful i hate photos of myself, to critical i guess good luck with the challenge

  10. These photos are sublime! And your selfish...wow. Breathtaking.

  11. And....She's back! Hello there beautiful.

  12. The flower and self-portraits are both beautiful. I really wish I was a GREAT photographer like you - such a wonderful gift to have that eye!

  13. Wow, amazing Kelly, love them both, but the first SP is awesome and so creative!

  14. oooohhhmygosh! If I had to pick a favorite, that flower has GOT to be it! Absolutely without a doubt Beautiful.

  15. So gorgeous! Lovely shot!


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