Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have a thing...

...for dead flowers!
I find them equally as beautiful in death as when they were living~for different reasons.
I mean everyone can't wait for spring and the bloomers-me included-but when do dry, shriveled up, past their prime, flowers get to have a chance at shining one more time?
I relate to this logical/illogical analogy. I've got #48 FAST approaching & somedays I don't feel my age-or feel I look my age or even act my age-then there are days I'm like..."whoa" whats going on here, or here....and what the heck?
Yeah...some of you know what I'm talking about! I just want to be like a flower-not the dry, shriveled up, past their prime kind....the fresh as a daisy kind!
Happy Snapping
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  1. LOL Just the other day I told Mike I was going to the garden to take pictures and he said "isn't everything going to be dead?". I said "yeah, but there is just something so beautiful about the dead flowers too.".... xo

  2. We've something in common here as I, too, have a thing for dead flowers. I've only just discovered this, while out taking photographs yesterday, and have to admit they are incredibly BEAUTIFUL! I posted to my blog a photograph on one too. Ha hah! Yours is lovely, by the way. :)

  3. Oh y eah, totally know where you're coming from sista! :). I have my 35th high school reunion coming up this year and STILL am not sure how THAT happened! Some days I feel like I'm still in my 30's. Some days I ACT like I"m still in my teens tho, haha.


  4. Kelly, this is the texture even if it is Wednesday!

  5. They become objects when they die and take on a new mantle of interest, I find.

  6. This is a lovely shot.
    Yes, flowers are beautiful no matter what!

  7. actually dead flowers are a favorite of mine, too......


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