Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, my name is...

and I'm a candy-holic!Seriously-I've never known anyone who loves it~I mean REALLY loves candy as much as I do. I go in spurts between chocolate and anything OTHER than the latter. I eat a sweet (or two) Every Single Day...I kid you not.
 Now there are a few sweets that I admittedly am a candy snob towards-and I reserve that right!
This post is nothing more than just a random fact about me-Oh....and if you've been following me for a know I ALWAYS eat (or drink) my (edible) props...
Happy Snapping!


  1. These looks sooooo good! I'm also a fellow candy addict. I just finished eating some Godiva chocolate. The wrappers are sitting right next to my keyboard as I type this. :-) I haven't eaten salt water taffy in ages. I remember when I was young going to visit my family in NJ. We would take a road trip to Atlantic City. I would always love to buy a bag of taffy. Yum! Thanks for reminding me of such wonderful memories.

  2. I like candy, but not all candy. I don't like the hard Christmas candies and even though some taffy is very very good, I have spent too much money on crowns in my mouth to take that risk. Chocolate is soft, however, so that's always a good option.

  3. Hey! Love that table your candies are on...that crackle looks so beautiful with the taffy, gorgeous composition.


    1. Thanks Kathy. SO easy what I did with that "table" i'll do a post soon on it.

  4. Okay . . . Kelly, I JUST took photographs today of orange and lime salt water taffy! I laughed out loud when I saw your photograph just now! Too funny! And you've just met your match in the loving candy department. My all time favorite - Smarties! Mmmm... (The Jumbo sized Smarties - purples being my favorites!) And then, yep, lime salt water taffy! Yum!

    Lovely composition and GREAT taste in candy! :)

  5. Sitting here eating gummy bears...swear to God! And they are the Trader Joe's ones..yummy! This photo is delicious!

  6. : ) I think that is a nice problem to have. It just means you are very, very sweet! : )

  7. LOL
    Kelly has a sweeth tooth!!!!
    Love the shot!!!!!


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