Thursday, January 5, 2012

DO try this at home...

...I have a bit of a perfectionist problem.
 I go thru my blogger buddies blogs & just swoon at their images. I think some people are born with certain creativity "genes" & are naturals at what they do....Then there's me! Oh I know there's creativity stuffed somewhere in me, it just takes a little longer to bubble to the surface! That's ok because I'm here for the long run~oh...I'm like the tortoise & the hare! At any rate, with a little conscience effort & an article I read a while back on an exercise that forces you not to think so perfect. Basically, go for a walk & every few minutes STOP & you HAVE to take a picture from the spot you stopped in. I decided to try it last night before the golden hour and really had fun. Come...let me show you parts of my neighborhood. I'll have to figure out how you do those link ups so if you decide to try this....I'd LOVE to see what you've done.
Happy Snapping!

same fence, opposite direction


  1. Kelly, this is a brilliant exercise. I have done something similar once in a workshop I was taking at the time. We were instructed to take 20 photographs in 20 minutes-so basically, one photograph every minute for 20 minutes. GREAT exercise! Really enlightening and my photographs were really lovely, which surprised me so much, because there was no planning involved, I didn't have time to think about what I was doing, I just pick up my camera and snapped away.

    Really thoughtful blog post, Kelly. And I think your photographs are beyond lovely.

  2. What a great exercise! You definitely need to give yourself more credit. I think your pictures are very creative. Love the sprinkler! :-)

  3. This looks like fun! I get so stuck sometimes and can't find anything I want to photograph...I'm going to remember this exercise. I am REALLY intrigued by that second capture of yours...the intertwining wire. So simple, yet so interesting!

  4. I love your photos, but I do know what you mean, the other day I tried to talk myself out of even trying to take a photo of an idea I had, in the end I just got my camera and did it and I was happy with the results. Funny that we do this to ourselves. Love this idea as you're just seeing and capturing without time to second guess yourself. Love your captures, especially the sprinkler and sunset!

  5. Excellent idea Miss K! I'm going to have to give that a try. Love all of the shots .... but the last one is a fave!

  6. Every single one is gorgeous, Kelly! What a great idea for stretching your skills :)

  7. what a great idea to get the creative juices flowing! i could use that same exercise just in the confines of my home {since it's winter here, and freezing outside!}

    i so identify with what you wrote here, though. in fact, this kind of photography {just shooting what surrounds you and not trying too hard} is what keeps me going. if i get too wrapped up in all my blog friends' photos and how great they are, it sometimes inspires me. but other times, it just gets me down... thinking i don't measure up. so, i SO get this. maybe that is why i am so drawn to your blog instantly... and the photos on it. your style and approach reminds me a little of me. i even used to have the same bokeh blog background on my blog! =)

    again... lovely blog you have here.

    {all gorgeous photos in this post, by the way.}


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