Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/8/12 SHS...

...Winter vacation is officially over for me when I hit the sack tonight. Back to work w/fresh enthusiasm to see friends & co-workers and all those little faces who can't wait to talk about what "Santa" brought!
I didn't know if I was going to participate in this week's hunt as I've been busy as ever trying to get all the laundry & house cleaning done before Monday rolls around. I know I'd be all bleary eyed come Wednesday after being home for 3 glorious weeks. I've thought of a new word for combining prompts...Cheater-pants! Yes, I'm a cheater-pants...but I've decided that it's ok because I met the challenge of all 5  prompts as creatively as I could!

not only are these loofa's soft...they make winter skin soft too....

That is my EMPTY LAUNDRY basket with a (small) pile of  bokeh LAUNDRY in the background. Can't let the world see the unmentionables!!

That there is ONE DOZEN cinnamon sticks that are all ONE COLOR!

There you have it-this is what cheater-pants photos look like..feel free to use that term any time time is of the essence and you still want to hunt!
Happy Snapping!

Scavenger Hunt


  1. Way to be efficient! Very clever. Have a glorious week

  2. Wow, I love all of your photos! You have a very distinctive style. And I love your creative way of combining prompts. ;)

  3. I just ♥ your "cheater-pants" word! LOL ... I just adore you!
    What wonderful images .... dang! You amaze me!

  4. Hey, Cheater Pants, oh sorry, I mean Kelly, great set this week. I use loofa's all the time, so much better than washcloths, and love the fact that the cinnamon sticks have little heart shapes on the ends. Have a good first week back to work!!

  5. LOL! Cheater pants! So funny, Kelly.

    LOVE the one dozen shot. So creative and really gorgeous. Too, I love the way you've cropped your images.

    Good luck with back-to-school this upcoming week. :)

  6. I love all your photos. Your dozen is beautiful and classic.

    I am your newest follower. If you want to check my blog out and follow back I am at:

    Happy Sunday!


  7. These are such sweet photos!

  8. Cheater pants...this is going to stick in my brain. Thanks for that! I love the laundry with a small pile of bokeh thrown in. Very clever!

  9. Beautiful job - I really like one dozen!

  10. Oooooh I like that last shot with the cinnamon sticks and music, gorgeous!


  11. Your cinnamon photo is ingenious. I love love love it!

  12. Those cinnamon sticks are gorgeous . . . love the way they curl inwards. Way to, Cheaterpants!

  13. Oh I liked your "cheater pants" shots a lot. It's great to be able to combine photos/prompts sometimes.

  14. Love your one dozen shot! And by the way, beautiful profile picture!

  15. OH WOW, just love the shot of the cinnamon sticks on the sheet music...... BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Happy New Year~



  16. Love the interpretations and cheater-pants photos, Kelly! Dozen is so beautiful, love the sheet music and tones! Hope you're enjoying your week.


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