Thursday, February 4, 2016

Little things...


I know it's only February 4th, 
but Mother Nature is teasing us with some beautiful spring-like weather this week.

The mornings are chilly and certainly sweater worthy~
While the afternoon sun kisses your skin for a bit before
Night falls; bringing forth its bite. 

It won't be long before Mother Nature starts revealing what she has in store for us.

I for one, wait impatiently for her splendor.

Happy (spring) snapping

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  1. beautiful spring-y shots, Kelly!!!

  2. Being in SW Louisiana, we don't really have much in the way of WINTER. I have to admit though, mother nature definitely seems to be having a bout with uncertainty. One day hot, one day cold...and of course...that brings colds...ugg. I'm looking forward to Spring...can't wait for the flowers!

  3. Well, it's certainly not Springlike here, but it has definitely been warmer and dryer than last year. Spring is so fickle, warm then cold, then hot, then a freeze. Love the sweet nest, it is certainly a harbinger of spring!!

  4. Oh, this made me smile, because my weeks titls is that "Spring is not awake yet" which it isn't in my neck of the woods at 3000 feet, we had snow twice this week! But I LOVE the nest with the blue eggs!

  5. Such beautiful spring images! We felt a little spring-like last weekend here in Ohio...but this morning thick frost was covering my windshield. But I smiled because it was another photo opportunity. :)

  6. if your spring is coming, it means our autumn is on the way! lovely picture and quote!

  7. Such a pretty nest - and those blue eggs! Lovely quote ... I do long for spring as well!
    Enjoy the weekend, Kelly :)

  8. I'm starting to catch up to the reality that spring is coming. I never really welcome it until we have one good snow, but I may just have to give up on the idea. I do love spring!

  9. Lovely quote and photos, Kelly !
    So looking forward to Spring ... :-)


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