Monday, February 1, 2016

Goodbye January...

...hello February

I have to say January was full of inspiration-
-sweet baby faces, new word, birthday flowers, monarch beauties, family togetherness, and beautiful light that made for really pretty photos.

Enter February....
...already with it's challenges and curveballs thrown bombshells dropped. Tears have been shed (mine). There's gonna be more tears, (mine again) and parental decisions I absolutely am not ready to make. 
I know I can & will get through this
 as past experiences in VERY unfamiliar territory has proven that. 

But, like the photo above, February is dark around the edges but there is ALWAYS light.

Thank goodness for the light.
I plan on being VERY present for all this month has to bring.
Happy (finding the light) snapping.


  1. What a beautiful January grid and perfect for a series ... I'm so sorry your February is looking so stressful ... sending hugs xo

  2. Love your January pictures, but not happy about dark things to come. Always look for the light!

  3. Such a lovely collection of beutiful moment, Kelly! The sketch of the two birds on the book is just adorable! Moments with family are so precious - sending you love & wisdom & strength to you February!

  4. Hope you are ok. Keep looking for the light, it is always there.

  5. Those parental decisions are the toughest, for sure.
    Wishing you strength and perseverance.
    You'll get through!

  6. I adore your January's to the light that February has to offer.

  7. Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment on my photoblog, that was such a nice surprise.
    I love your January grid and February determination... January seems to have left so quickly and I hope that February will stay longer regardless of just those 29 days that it offers. Good luck and great light!

  8. Sending you so much love. I know your decisions won't be easy but I pray you find peace.

    Your photos are, as always, so full of softness and beauty.

  9. Such a lovely 'January' collage, Kelly !
    Sorry to hear about the difficult dicisions ... thinking of you,


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