Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spilling truths...

...on horoscopes

You either love 'em or can totally live without them. I personally read mine for fun. It's right there...  printed in between my daily Sudoku and crossword puzzle. 
So tell me, you've just read your forecast. 
Do you...
A. Scoff and dismiss it if it's doom and gloom & secretly hope nothing comes of it?
B.  File it away if its positive, go about your day, and get excited at that AHA moment when you realize that an astrologist correctly read your birth chart?
C. Both A and B
D. It's all rubbish-so therefore don't read it.

You see, there was that one day in 8th grade I read my horoscope before catching the school bus.
"Unexpected rewards come your way today."
I won an award that day. Something I was not expecting. As I was walking to receive my plaque, all I could think about was my horoscope that day. What were the odds? 
I've been amused ever since.
I'm easily amused!

Happy (fortune) snapping!

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  1. Sodukos are my favs as well ~ and I also read horoscopes for fun 😊
    Love your vintage type - writer & the header!

  2. I always find that if I read my horoscope a day after, I can usually find something that rings true.
    They're fun!
    Love, love, love, Sodukos.

  3. Fun post, Kelly !
    I rarely read my horoscope ... interesting though about that reward !
    Have a nice week,

  4. Amused is a good way to look at them.

  5. I have to admit, there was a time that I read my horoscope...but have long given up doing so. Not sure why I stopped reading it...I always found it to be a bit amusing. Ironic even on those times when it was accurate.

  6. Very cool! I used to read my horoscope but for some reason I stopped - thank you for the reminder!


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