Friday, December 26, 2014

From the cutting room...

So, hmmmm, I've been on a blog-hiatus. No excuses-but I think part of the reason is, I don't have a permanent space for my laptop. If I want to blog I have go, schlep my computer to the dining room table, plug it in, turn it on, wait...blah blah blah. I miss being here, I always do & am working on fixing this little problem. In the meantime, Here are some items that just never made it to the blog,
until now!
Back in Sept. we had to say good bye to a beautiful pine tree that provided shade and perches for the neighborhood crows, scrubs and owls. Drought ridden and beetle infested like so many others in the area.

We're hoping to get lots of rain this winter.

Back in Oct. I found a lone critter and released a beautiful female into the world.

Also in Oct, Frankie flew with a first officer who's son, Alex, loves trains and works for this guy...
Conductor Bill.

Bill owns a vintage 1940's train and pays Amtrak to pull his car from Union Station up to Santa Barbara. Period music and mimosa's greet you as you step up and back in time. A beautiful breakfast buffet is set up with homestyle food prepared in the train's original kitchen. You are wined and dined for the scenic 2 1/2 hr. ride. Once in Santa Barbara, we went wine tasting, enjoyed lunch and roamed for hours breathing in the fresh air of the ocean town.The ride home was a welcomed relief as it was one of the hottest days in SB-more wine and & homemade sliced trip tip, mashed potatoes and veges were served on china. Home made apple crisp rounded out our dinner.

As soon as we got back to Union Station, we headed off to the Staples Center to see Sir Elton in concert.

Useless fact #27-this was my first concert! Not a bad way to start huh?
The holidays have come and gone and I trust you all had a beautiful time with family and friends.
I'm thrilled to share with you all that I will be guest posting over on FocusingOnLife
in the VERY near future and hope you'll join me there. Details to follow soon.
That pretty much cleans up my vault. Phew...does that feel good!
I'll see you real soon...promise!
Happy (cleaning up) snapping!


  1. Hi Kelly! I agree - having a space to blog is key ... I have an office at our main home, but I'm always on the move between 3 homes!! and visiting two daughters ... I've taken to writing drafts on my iPad.

  2. ... meant to say I'm looking forward to reading your guest post ...

  3. That train ride sounds dreamy and well done on your maiden journey into concertdom - Sir Elton puts on a fine show (been some 16 years since I saw him and quite a story surrounding that event that I'll share some other time). Good to see you back in blogville - which is a little selfish since I partake in your IG posts all the time.

  4. So good to see you posting again my friend. I always enjoy your photos and your perspective on life. I was saddened to read about your tree and that picture of the shredder turning the tree to dust was particularly poignant. The train ride sounds awesome and I just love Santa Barbara! And wow, first concert and it was Elton John! Where do you go from there? Congratulations on your upcoming guest post with FOL! Will be keeping my eyes peeled for that one. In the meantime Happy New Year to you!

  5. Oh that train ride...I am envious. It looks like so much fun. And your first concert...really? Good to have you back and yes you must find a permanent home for that laptop.

  6. I love the idea of that train ride, how very fun! And so sorry about your tree - I do hope you gets lots and lots of rain!


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