Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grateful for my place... this life

I've spent the last week receiving  Michelle's thought provoking e-mails on gratitude and shared my purposeful gratefulness on IG. You just had to "show up with an open heart" & either in solitude or in community share what you are grateful for.
 This week I was most grateful for my surgeon's hands and modern medicine, for hero veterans, my dad & Frankie who served our country with honor, for TIME-the healer of all wounds, the color yellow, and for my 2014 word BREATH. 
Today, I'm grateful for my place in this life.
I am but one person wrapped tightly in many parts.
For all my roles:: as wife-my favorite,  as mother-that adjusts, shifts and morphs as we speak, as daughter-that has been re-defined, as sister-that was lost and re-ignited, as teacher, artist,
 monarch farmer, surrogate cat owner, photographer, woman, niece, friend, and blogger. 
For flaws, imperfections, the ability to laugh at myself, for optimism and hope... each of these I am truly blessed and grateful for...with all of my heart.

I'd love to hear what you are giving thanks and grateful for.

Happy (grateful heart) snapping!


  1. oh, kelly. this is so good. *you* are so good.
    it's been wonderful having you join in this week. thank you for showing up and being your beautiful self.
    big love to you.

  2. It is good to be diverse and have many roles, the best ones always rise to the top just like cream.

  3. No matter what life gives us there is always something to be grateful for. Being grateful when life is crazy can be hard for me sometimes. Thank you for reminding me to stop and remember all there is to be grateful for in my crazy life today.

  4. Sometimes I think we are such an ungrateful lot, but then I have to concede that some of that 'want for more' is why we are where we are - advanced, stronger, hungry to improve on what we have. This is not to say we shouldn't give thanks for all we have, but sometimes it is a good thing to 'want more' - provided we turn that hunger into a reality. I am grateful for whoever invented the internet. I could not imagine my life today without it - the instant 'google it' to see what is ailing my daughter in Japan and concluding it was 'hand-foot-mouth disease' and got her headed in the right direction for treatment of her symptoms. Grateful for cellular phones that let me not only text and talk, but see my loved ones who are not always close by. Grateful for the many friends who lift my spirits and inspire my creativity. I am eternally grateful for all the people I would have otherwise never known were it not for my computer and the internet.

  5. What a beautiful photograph of you, and you truly do have so much to be grateful for, Kelly!


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