Monday, November 3, 2014


(even though we're 3 days in!)

As I was perusing through many of your blogs admiring the gorgeous colors adorning the screen as you welcome November, I found myself grumbling under my breath wishing for something we just don't have here in California...FALL. I can post photos to welcome any of the "4" seasons and they would all look the same. You can't tell winter from spring around here. I's crazy. Most people would love to not have to deal with leaves falling and soon snow shoveling. 
I don't necessarily miss the snow...but the leaves....
...oh how I miss the annual wardrobe change Mother Nature displays for many of you. 
I'm whining...I know. I'm trying not to, really I am. 
I realize how absurd my thinking is so I'm making it my mission this month to be kinder and gentler to the season we've been gifted instead of wasting time wishing on something that isn't there. I'm going to "show up" in the here and now and be grateful. I think it's what our heart is feeling & and not so much what the weather is saying. 
So here's to ever green and palm trees and wearing sandals instead of boots, tank tops instead of scarves and drinking Frappuccino's a little longer instead of hot lattes. 

Happy (showing up) snapping!


  1. I'm right there with ya girl...but oh how nice it was to be at the beach the other day. I'll take that!! xo

  2. I think I would miss the four seasons even though I am less of a fan of Winter every year...but wearing sandals everyday all year that is tempting. You can live vicariously through our photos and we will live the same through yours. Green is not a bad color!

  3. I agree Kelly, although when I lived in San Jose for 40 years I did see the leaves turn but it was Thanksgiving before I would see any red in the leaves and sometimes even Christmas. Now it is the same here in the desert, who wants to see leaves turning yellow at Christmas, when everyone is posting snow, evergreens and presents? I just make it a habit to go visit my son in Oregon and try and get my fill of beautiful fall trees in Oct. that way I can come back and appreciate the sun shinning. Love the clarity in your acorns and cones, just awesome.

  4. I feel the same exact way living here in sunny South Florida. I'm very envious of the leaves changing and the cooler temps most of the country is experiencing. I'm going to try and shift my attitude and appreciate what has been given to me. Blessing to be here to enjoy all that I have, palm trees and all!

  5. I enjoy our leaves changing here in Ohio, it is the cold I could do without. I am jealous of your sandal wearing all year long, mine have been put away now for about a month. I agree with Sarah, we will dream along with your pictures of sun and sand, and you can dream with us and our fall and winter pictures. Together we can all be grateful for the weather we are stuck in... oh... I mean happy to be in. :)

  6. I always missed fall when I lived in Cali. Come to my blog today...I've posted the last bits of fall. The winds are howling and leaves will be gone soon. Hope you are well my friend! xo


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