Monday, September 29, 2014

Fake fall...

...and texture Tuesday with Kim

While many of you are enjoying the subtle changes of the season, delighting in the turning leaves all golden and crimson, donning warmer clothes and cute boots, the crunch of leaves that have fallen under foot... 
...Southern Californians are being told not to pack away our shorts and bathing suits just yet.
It's going to be in the triple digits by the *104 triple digits.
(I'm NOT happy)
So think of me you're making soup and sipping hot cider & i'll be thinking of you making soup and sipping hot cider while trying to keep cool in the pool...drinking ice tea...probably bar-b-qing. (sigh)

 I am however, slowly...
 s-l-o-w-l-y pulling out my fake fall goodies and it's a good thing I get distracted by shiny, glass balls!
It's hard to think about decorating when your A/C's blowing.

In the above photo I used Kim's "greydayslate"-soft light @100% & added some Florabella's warmth.

Kim's "nested"-soft light at 100% added the perfect finish in the photo above.

Happy (keep cool/stay warm) snapping!

Kim Klassen {dot com}


  1. Oh how I understand from living in the desert, our fall comes around late November and December. So after everyone else is tired of seeing orange, red and yellow they are on to green spruce, holly and Christmas decorations. Oh well that is the way it is. Love the fake. :) A girl has to do what is needed.

  2. Wow, triple digit weather! Best to stay indoors with air conditioning and your camera to take more beautiful shots like these!

  3. just think of us in January when we are shovelling our way OUT of the cold and you are just unpacking your sweaters and boots :). Gorgeous editing here!

  4. fake fall - that's a good one! Nice photos - try to stay cool this weekend.

  5. Yikes! Still triple digits! I'd gladly send you some of my cool overnight temps, they've come too quickly for me. I love your little fake fall touches but I really like your perspective with the old typewriter shots.

  6. I don't think Ohio got into the triple digits this summer, it was a very mild summer for us. I can't say I missed triple digits... Beautiful shots. I love your typewriter, Kim's textures look great with it. Stay cool!

  7. Oh my, triple digits - wow that is HOT! I'm sipping coffee and thinking of making soup for dinner! I'll be very envious of your weather come February :-). Love your "fall" images - so pretty. That old typewriter is fantastic too!

  8. We've had some nice war days for this time of year, but it is going to be ending real soon.
    Should you tire of that fake fall weather, just send it east!!! :-)

  9. wow kelly! we hardly got that hot all summer! but it looks like you're making the most of your time inside...i love how you combine the most interesting and unexpected props in your still life shots.

  10. Very creative. Beautifully done.

  11. Nice edits. Yep, it's going to be a scorcher. I'm not looking forward to it.


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